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Nothing – Not Even Red Hair – Can Bring Back Lindsay’s Career

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Remember back when we all thought “If only Lindsay would just go back to her natural hair color, she might be OK”? And then there was, “Well, if Lindsay would go redhead again, she might be hot. She might get movie roles. She might … ” fill in the blanks. Remember that? Because guys, we’re way past that point. No amount of deposit-only red hair dye is going to bring Lindsay back into our hearts again like she was in Mean Girls or Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen or anything else prior to 2005.

No, Lindsay’s pretty much made her bed, and now she’s got to sleep in it (just without Terry Richardson, much to her dismay). And frankly, I’m worried that the crap color that she chose to dye her hair is going to rub off on the pillows that are chilling in said bed (not that she had much choice in the matter, you know. When your hair’s snowy, cocaine-white, you only have so many options).

Also, word on the street has it that girlfriend here wants in on the next Muppets movie, and no, I am not kidding. From Showbiz Spy:

LINDSAY Lohan could very well be getting her career comeback — thanks to Miss Piggy!

The troubled star is said to be going after a role in the next Muppet movie in the hope it will help rebuild her shattered reputation.

“Lindsay has been mentioned as a possible cameo in the next movie but she would love it to be more,” reveals a source close to the former child star.

“She’s a huge fan of the Muppets and would love to play a significant part in their next project. She has a great idea that involves she and Miss Piggy meeting in rehab!”

No. Just … no. Am I the only one that thinks the “I’m a reformed addict – har de har de har!” schtick is getting kind of old? Are these the kinds of cameos and SNL appearances that shes’s going to to for the rest of her time in Hollywood? Because guys, I just can’t handle it if it is. Lindsay used to be way too good for this kind of crap, but now that her entire career’s down the shitter, she’s chomping at the bit so hard that the end result was … well, this.

No, I don’t love Lindsay’s hair, and I love the idea of her spoofing herself on the next Muppet movie even less, and maybe – just maybe! – if Lindsay were able to lay off the drugs, drop the bad, fake hair, and quit mocking herself so pitifully, she might stand an 8 ball’s snowball’s chance in hell.

What do you guys think of the hair – it’s bad, isn’t it?


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  • Are you kidding? It looks 85% better. That Debbie Harry thing must have scared her straight. Only old ladies have platinum hair.

  • why don’t you leave her alone stop picking on her we all know of her promises of this and that remember we are not all perfect but give her chance lets see if she keeps her word if not thats it i guess

  • You are being far too picky.

    This is Lilo we’re talking about. LIFREAKIGNLO.

    She looks so utterly fantastic here, compared to her usual garb and head situation.

  • The hair is moving in the right direction.

    How does she have a double chin? She’s thin. I don’t get it.

  • I think she looks better, and I missed her with red hair. The only thing, is I hate her shirt, it reminds me of a onesie.

  • She does look much better. Maybe if she flies under the radar and stays sober for about 5 years-she’ll only be 30 then, right?-she’ll get her career back.

  • i think it looks fantastic. im really pulling for her too. she got way too scary close to death for me to feel ok making jokes about her. i agree with craig ferguson when it comes to making fun of celebrities in actual trouble.

  • jealousy is a disease why can’t you just leave her alone always picking faults about her everything linds wears is cool if you had the parents and life she has had you would probarly understand how she feels to you its a big joke how do you think she feels inside when all she is trying to do is get her life back on track red hair or blonde hair to me i still love her as always

    • You just admitted her life and parents are awful, so what are we jealous of? I could be a strung out, fried and bleached crack-ho if I set my mind to it.

  • i have known lindsay for many years trouble with her she listens to the wrong kind of people for advice some help some just lead her on she is a very nice person when she was famous people only wanted to be friends with her cause of her fame and her money but when her luck and money ran out so did her so called friends i have seen the tears the heartache all she ever wanted was the love of her parents but they did not give a damn about her i feel really sorry for her the way things have turned out in her life people can be so cruel in the things they say about her
    and you think its ok to run her down how would you feel if it was you.

  • all the lies and gossip about her the papps are to blame in so many ways with the lies they write about her its a real shame that she has taken the backstabbing for yrs. but she is a fighter and she is alot stronger now whatever is in the news about her is lies anyone will do and say anything for money they do not care about linds as long as the get big money for it.
    i know linds better than anyone trouble with folk today they listen to gossip and spread lies about her me i will always protect her image why cause i am her one and only devoted true friend

  • It would be best if everyone, including Lindsay, could just shelve the child/teen actress stuff and move on. She was cute, but that doesn’t have to be the high point of her life that she can never live up to again.

  • It’s not too late for Lindsay Lohan. She can turn it all around by using all the negatives and turning them into positives. A lot of actors have.