Adrienne Bailon Has a Wardrobe Malfunction

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You guys remember Adrienne Bailon, right? That Cheetah Girl thing and, you know, ? Yup, she’s back in the headlines again for flashing her vadge to the masses. Surprise! Nothing like a good look at a labia to stir up some publicity – just ask Britney Spears. Or Lindsay Lohan. Or Paris Hilton, who’s shown us enough flap to last a lifetime. She’s expended her ladybit-flashing allowance, and aren’t we thankful for that?

This is Adrienne Bailon, walking the red carpet for Caesar’s Entertainment ‘Escape to Total Rewards’ event in New York City. And no, I don’t know what that is, either, but it’s apparently something that I could probably get invited to, also, since it’s Adrienne Bailon we’re talking about, who hasn’t been relevant for quite a few years now and is only making headlines because of said exposed vagina.

I want you guys to know how hard I have to work occasionally on getting you guys the raw, uncensored stuff. I must have searched for, oh, a whole ten minutes for the image of Adrienne Bailon’s mesh-covered ladybits, and much to my surprise, I was successful. You can check out the photo, which is after the cut, because it’s obviously NSFW.

photo of adrienne bailon pictures nudes photos cheetah girl vagina pic

NSFW image courtesy of Starcasm


  1. Scout says:

    I thought her dress fell out but apparently it was just her cuuka (I’m not sure how you spell that…I learned it on the Jersey Shore so they probably don’t even have a stable spelling).

  2. stacey says:

    Yeah, I thought perhaps the dress fell apart – no, it’s just supposed to look that way. She must have known her chooch would fall out. I mean, that’s how people regain any sort of relevance nowadays, right?

  3. dee cee says:

    If you don’t got it .. don’t flaunt it and prove that..

  4. Harp says:

    Why does her monkey look like a monkey with its mouth open it’s weird

  5. LegalEase says:

    What a whore. However, she has incredible skin (on her face) (not the skin on her cooch)

  6. tye says:

    omg yall are really over reacting to this every woman has went with out underwear with at least one dress that they have worn she jus thought she could get away with this one and its clearly poor judgement ppl kill me being so fregging judgmental whn thy kno little abt a situation

  7. Brooke says:

    It all happens, she’s not a whore!!!!! She’s a well respected woman who just didn’t want to wear panties because obviously they would’ve shown!