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Stars Without Makeup: Kim Kardashian Vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt

photo of jennifer love hewitt and kim kardashian no makeup pictures photos pics
On your marks – get set! – go! Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Love Hewitt are head to head in competition for saddest reality famewhore of … um, I don’t know. Just this post, I suppose. I know you guys are probably thinking, “Blasphemy! Sacrilege!” because I’m sort of slamming one of my favorite ladies (Jennifer Love Hewitt, of course), but really, I’m not. I’m merely being realistic.

Come on. These two ladies both look like they’ve been up all night – both for different reasons, naturally; I’m willing to bet that Kim was up all night airbrushing her face so that it appears she’s wearing no makeup despite the fact that she’s actually got about seventeen layers of it, and that, my friends, is an art in its own right. JLH was probably up all night studying her script for The Client List and all six lines per show that she’s going to contractually receive. She’s probably also been writing love sonnets for her old flame, Jamie Kennedy, non-stop since she heard that he’s considered re-tapping that ass.

The moral of the story? Hard work is hard work, but what really defines you as a C-list celebrity is exactly what you work hard at doing.

Who’d you rather – Kim or Jennifer? Here’s the individual photos to help you decide.

photo of kim kardashian pictures photos pics no makeup photos twitter pics
And, of course, Jennifer Love:

photo of jennifer love hewitt no makeup pictures photos pics

Call it!

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  • JLH looks like Kristen Stewart from the end of Breaking Dawn in that pic. (I also must add that I only watch the Twilight movies because they all have Rifftrax… and if you’ve never seen a Rifftrax movie, I highly recommend it. The dudes from MST3K making fun of popular movies. Woooo.)

  • Is Kim really trying to pretend she’s wearing no make up on this pic? She so IS. I’d deffo go with JLH!! Sure she looks pretty beat on this photo put she’s cute and natural not like Kim’s botoxed face.

  • BWAHAHAHA “no make-up” BWAHAHAHAHA first it’s “i want my next wedding private” and now it’s “no make-up” ahahahahahahaha-aaaaah that Kim Kardashian is HILARIOUS

  • This isn’t a fair comparison since JLH is obviously caught by photogs whilst KK uploaded this photo of herself. Besides which, KK gets -25 for being a K.

    • OK, so you’re saying Kim is the talented one here? If it weren’t for people like you, KK would be behind the counter at Dairy Queen where she belongs.

    • Spoken like a true KK fan…

      “OMG like Kim is soooo kool! I wish i wuz a vapid whor 2!! I also wanna be famous for having a sex tape and sharin my boring life wif da world and pretendin that i’m not wearin makeup when i actualy refuse to exist without my false eyelashs on lol!!!1”

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt! I am such a stan for Jennifer, but comparing both of them I really think JLove looks better! Besides give her a discount she has been working hard on ‘The Client List’!

  • Both has a fat ass but Kim has a nice shapley ass there is a dfference.
    Jennifer is ugly and she’s a dull person unlike Kim there is a difference.

  • Okay who is really going to believe that KK had on no make up when she took the picture of herself to begin with. I have seen a picture of this girl with no make up, and she is fugly. Looks like a man. JLH is definitely prettier.

  • JLH all the way
    she’s not a fake, and is like 6x as talented as kim kartrashian is.