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Seth Rogen Honored as “Stoner of the Year”

Photo: Seth Rogen on February 9, 2012


Congratulations are in order for Seth Rogen, High Times magazine’s “Stoner of the Year.”

This momentous occasion marks Rogen’s second win. He also won in 2007. (And “Stonette of the Year” that year? Anna Faris.)

I had to google the “Stony Awards,” and here is what I learned: winners “receive a bong-shaped trophy.” I’m not entirely sure that they do, though: it looks to me as if the “trophy” itself is just a bong on a mount, and with a plaque glued to it. Lame! They should be doling out “golden bongs” instead, obviously.

Rogen, an unapologetic pot-smoker, was nearly thrown out of a Maxim party in 2008 for toking up. He was arrested for marijuana possession in 1998.

Meanwhile, Pop2it is quick to point out that the Stony Awards are “not quite annual.” Ha, ha.

And finally, just a reminder: