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Jennifer Hudson Said What to Adele?

A photo of Adele

Do you see that picture of Adele up there? She has to be trying to look demure, tired of smiling, or in the process of giving someone one withering of a “go to hell” look. I’m going to go ahead and say it’s that last one, and I’m also going to go ahead and say that that’s the look she gave Jennifer Hudson when she chatted her up backstage at the Grammys.

From The National Enquirer via Celebitchy:

The first thing Jennifer Hudson did when she ran into Adele backstage at the Grammys was congratulate her on her impressive haul. The second thing she did was offer weight-loss tips, which annoyed Adele. Hudson, a Weight Watchers spokesperson, pulled Adele aside at the Grammys and offered to be her fat-fighting mentor!

A source told the Enquirer, “Jennifer congratulated Adele on her six trophies but then added, ‘I used to be heavy just like you and gosh, Weight Watchers saved my life! I can hook you up.’”

Although Adele was outwardly gracious, friends say she was seething on the inside. She huffed about Jennifer, “The nerve of that woman!” Adele has made it known she’s happy just the way she is – at 165 pounds – and doesn’t intend to diet.

This isn’t the first time Jennifer’s zeal for losing weight has backfired.

“Her heart is in the right place, but her preaching is starting to get on people’s nerves,” said the friend, who added that Jennifer may have been motivated by jealousy. “I’m sure seeing Adele become the belle of the ball at the Grammys got under her skin. Meanwhile, Adele has made it pretty clear she doesn’t care what Jennifer or anyone else thinks about her or her weight.”

Someone’s recommended Weight Watchers to me before: I’m in the process of losing weight, and so is my best friend, and she started Weight Watchers and told me it was awesome, and that if I had a little extra money, I should try it. I appreciated it. Probably because she’s my BFF, and because she told me through a text while I was watching Buffy and not during one of the biggest nights of my career. What I’m saying is “Jennifer Hudson, you’re doing this all wrong.”

Would you be offended if Jennifer Hudson Weight Watcher-ed you?

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    • She is not 165. Please but I will still give Jennifer a fat lip.. The nerve of her coming up to someone saying some crap like that. She should remember, she was once heavier herself and I’m sure she didn’t like peoples negative comments about her weight. Some people that lose weight let it get to their heads. Uggggh…It’s so annoying…

  • At least Adele is very pretty and seems like a lovely person. My landlord in Boston, Kristin Finacom, is fat, ugly, and vile. Never rent from this woman at Arborpoint / National Development! VILE! She gives big girls a bad name.

    • When did you live there??? Kristen is my landlord now and she has been nothing but friendly and helpful whenever I go to the management office. Is it just her physical appearance that bothered you?

  • How rude! Some of these Weight-Watcher bitches are worse than born-again Christians spreading the Good Word! If I had been Adele, I would have answered,”Why, thank you, Jennifer! And while we girls are sharing personal advice, you might want to look into getting some extra-strength Listerine if you plan on getting up in peoples’ faces, because your breath smells a 3 day old pizza with onions!”

  • i don’t want to hate on jennifer, because i feel bad for her (murdered family and so on)…
    anyhow, it just baffles me so fucking much. adele won SIX grammies!!! because her VOICE is so goddamn amazing that the whole world is freaking out. and then this? “okay you just got every fucking grammy we have, because you are the only person with talent and you can actually sing…aww, well you need to lose 20 pounds” why?? the message this sends out is so fuuuuucked up..

    you can be the best,most talented, bright, loving,intelligent, savingstarvingchildrenandpuppiesandcuringaids person, if you weigh 5 pounds too much, than thats all people are gonna see.. FUCKED UP

    aaaaaand did losing weight help jennifers career? not so much

  • I am 165 lbs (doctor’s office weight) and I am 48 years old. I still fit in my clothes-I wear size 10 pants, blouse size 12 (moving to 14 rapidly). Your body is not kind as you grow older! My bust size is disproportionate and I am getting a belly, which can lead to major health problems later. The really disturbing thing is especially post-“The Change”- women lose bone and muscle mass at an alarming rate. Scary! So, I too am dieting (well, trying to eat properly) and exercising (weight bearing to improve bone mass).
    I agree with Malia above, Adele looks heavier. But if she is doing what she is supposed to be doing health wise (exercise and proper diet), her exact weight is her business. The issue should be overall health, not weight per se. Good exercise and eating habits established sooner don’t lead to the kind of overhaul I am putting myself through later.
    I think it’s tacky when anyone tries to sell you stuff (unless you ask them first). And the timing here-oh puhleez!. Jennifer needs to know when to keep her trap shut.

  • YEAH! Jennifer I agree with Wendy Williams when she said sit down girl. If you don’t have something good to say about people waight, just closed your big mouth. It was ADELE’S MOMENT you where trying to mess her night off but it didn’t work. It was not the right place to mamble about your weight loss to Adele,and if Adele’s was not okay about her weight, she should ask you about it. So to me, Adele looks good and she seems like she know what to do hopefully she eats right that’s the most important and matters what you put in your body. Adele you look good and keep what you doing and if you feel that you want to loose it’s your choice not Jennifer’s.

    Jennifer slow down you lucky Adele she’s a lady she should slap your mouth jusy go and help your sisters first.Again slow down let people come to you, Ask Q about your success weight loss. Then you can start talking louder about it. leave Adele alone she’s not your type okay!!!!!!.Sweetie don’t put this Hollyhood thing in your head be your self,Yes you fine but not all that. Adele she’s all that 6G’s and the Record of the year What!!! think about that and she’s still humble.

  • I think Adele winning six Grammy’s has EVERYTHING to do with why Jennifer Hudson chose this precise moment to pull this nonsense. Seems like she may be a little jealous of all the attention Adele’s getting at the moment. It comes across as a very childish, mean-girl, high school thing to do.

  • Jennifer Hudson can sing but she is uglier since she lost that weight no offence she looks old everyone is not meant to be a size 0…. lol she was deffinetly hating its obvious….I am overweight my self I lost 70 pounds I’m a trained medical assistant I weigh people all the time …adelle is deffinetly 165 or lighter she’s in great shape if you ask me ….that’s Hollywood bs everyone doesn’t have to be 120 or less …its her voice that sales not her body….

  • Alright- just googled and adele is between 5 foot 7 and 5 foot 9- There is no way in hell unless she has 0% muscle (Weighing twice as much as fat) that she is 165.

    At my heaviest I was 262, and now i’m 159- I’m 5″8 and I do not look like adele. I buy 165 if she’s 5 foot nothing to 5″ 4.

    • yeah I’m Adeles height(or close to I’m 5’8″)when I was 165lbs I looked way thinner than Adele does in this picture. Shes probably about 190lbs(and trust me I know what that looks like). Most women LIE about their actual weight when they are heavier. By at least 15-30lbs.

      You’re right if she was 5’2″-5’4″MAX u could say shes 165lbs but the taller u are the more u weigh.

      I think for someone at our height being around 150lbs is the perfect weight It was the weight I felt most happy at and ppl often doubted me when I told them. They assumed I was 130lbs. Hah Nope its all how you carry it.

      • i no it sounds rong but i dnt thinx jenifer hudson ment lik shes fat. i thinx she ment it as lik sumtin nice nt 2 b mean cuz i no jeniffer hudson wold neva b lik dat.

  • The first I heard of Jennifer’s comment to Adele, I thought….Hummmm. Jealous! Adele sings beautifully. Not aware of her personality or character as well as Jennifer’s; but all I could think was Adele cleaned house at the music aware. Jennifer was jealous because all she delivered recently was a weight watchers commercial. Just like a jealous black person. Crab in a barrel attitude. How about you come up with your own songs Jennifer and you won’t have a need to throw low blows at others. Get a life.

    • Bitch I hope your black you sound ignorant as hell this ain’t slavery days are president is black get wit it nazi…lmao

    • While I don’t agree with what Jennifer said and do feel that it was said out of jealousy,why throw an entire race under the bus?? ALL Black people are not envious of white people as you stated.Nor do all white people make ignorant comments..I’m just saying.

      • Thanks nichelle my whole family is mixed I can’t stand ignorant comments like that you could be white, black, asain, or hispanic, its possible for every race to be jealous, successful, talented on drugs or whatever the only difference is color …people who are racist should burn in hell God created all of us wonder what he would think of that….

      • I see mish don’t have shit to say lmao I bet she’s pale and wished she had a little color lmao I’m mixed I can say that lol

  • I really think Jennifer meant well, but my God that was the wrong time and THE wrong place to do it Jennifer!!!

    If people really want to lose wait, and of course they can see how great you are dong with weight watchers, but pleeeeease, let them approach YOU about it, ok!!!!!

  • I think Jennifer Hudson is jealous and was trying to rain on her parade. It wasn’t the right time to offer her weight loss offers. Im sure she will get offers from Weight watchers with out Jennifer. Jennifer Hudson is rubbing me the wrong way every time I hear something come out of her mouth that isn’t a song. She appears to be a sweetheart but inside shes ugly.

  • People carry weight different dumb asses I weigh people every day she’s far from 200 trust me…buy the way who cares…Jennifer Hudson might as well have pulled a kanye on her she won awards who wants to be preached to I’m a fan of both artist she was deffinetly hating with a sugar coat I’m a female been there done that….

  • I am a personal trainer who has also had my battles with weight. I hate to sound like I know her personally but she is most likley within 20 lbs of 165. We often think people look much larger than us on the screen, but they may actually weigh the same or less (ever watch biggest loser?). It is 100% true that the camera “adds” weight. Take a similar picture of yourself, you’ll realize what I am saying.

  • @Moni, I’m just soooo tired of certain groups of people feeling that they are superior to others.But just as soon as they open their mouths…they quickly prove that is not the case.We all deal with the same issues in our lives,not race issues but human issues.

  • Man, this is pretty interesting. The truth of the matter is this, being fat just plain sucks. If someone spends a long time as a fatter person, loses a bunch of weight and feels a huge difference, a lot of the time that person will try to convince EVERYONE to do it too. This comes from a good place, but it is the same thing as the overbearing Jehovah’s witness banging on your door, some people appreciate the message, others really wish you that you would leave them the hell alone.

    I also work in the medical field, and have a coworker who lost over 100lbs. He obviously talks to a lot of people about their weight and using diet and exercise to treat things like type 2 diabetes and other problems complicated by being overweight. He will pull out his old drivers license and his new one and show the difference that 100lbs can make. The patients usually are pretty inspired by this, because it’s relating to something that is definitly a problem for them. What’s not appreciated is all the advice he dishes out to other overweight coworkers, who aren’t there to be treated for anything and just want him to shut the hell up, lol.

    I treat it like this. I used to smoke 2 packs a day, I quit years ago. When someone lights up a cigarette around me, I don’t scream advice and tips at them, I don’t ever want to be that annoying person. If they ever ask me for advice, then I’m very happy too. Would that person feel better and ultimately be happier if they didn’t smoke, of course they would (as said by someone who used to be a smoker), but that doesn’t mean that they want to quit right now, it takes a lot of toughness and discipline that a lot of people quite frankly don’t have to quit smoking, and moreso it takes a commitment that they aren’t going to have just because you “gave them advice”.

    I also lost weight myself. I’ve always been athletic and worked out, but a couple of years ago I focused more on competitively lifting. Putting on weight (including fat) actually can help when it comes to powerlifting, so it wasn’t a concern of mine. Fast forward a couple of years, and I’m a lot heavier. I don’t look like a big tubby mess because I have a decent amount of muscle, but like I said before, being fat plain sucks, so I decided to lose weight. It took some time, but I was able to significantly lose a lot of body fat while holding on to most if not all of my muscle.

    Hmmm, this looks familiar:

    So I used to be about 45-50lbs fatter. When I see someone who is overweight, I don’t scream advice and tips at them, I don’t ever want to be that annoying person. If they ever ask me for advice, then I’m very happy too. Would that person feel better and ultimately be happier if they weren’t overweight, of course they would (as said by someone who used to be a lot fatter), but that doesn’t mean that they want to lose weight right now, it takes a lot of toughness and discipline that a lot of people quite frankly don’t have to lose weight, and moreso it takes a commitment that they aren’t going to have just because you “gave them advice”.

    It’s the exact same thing. Anyways, I think Jennifer Hudson was just acting like the annoying coworker of mine. She was coming from the right place, wanting to help someone “see the light” because she can feel such a huge difference in herself. The problem is that person didn’t ask for any of that, and Jennifer Hudson is an idiot especially for bringing it up on such a huge night. She was still pretty fat when she won her oscar, wasn’t she? That would be a pretty big kick in the nuts to her if right after she won, Angelina Jolie came out and told her she should lose weight. I guess she didn’t realize that when she did the exact same thing to Adele.

    • Totally agree. And I also think that if you like to be thin and fit, it’s OK. If you like the way you are, being chubby/fat, it’s OK because everyone is beautiful in their own ways and sometimes the hottest guys fall in love with the curviest women haha lol. I like to be fit myself and I actually exercise but not necesarilly to be thin, but to be healthy and feel good. I was VERY obsessed with this theme some years ago, and I even got an eating disorder shortly after but then I realized that there are better things to think about. And it’s a waste of time to focus on your body so much when there are people dying with cancer and diabetes. Others dying of hunger. Others (babies) dying because their mothers where like 16 when they were in their mom’s tommy and weren’t complete. Woah, I talk so much -.-

      What I’m trying to say is this—-> YOLOOOOOOOOOO :D
      Everyone just enjoy life because YOLO and you can’t repeat your life again. Everyone just be the healthiest possible and just let God give your body the right shapes and style, cause the world would be soo boring if everyone was skinny.

  • Jennifer should be ashamed of herself. Not everyones goal is to be a size 0. Plus I am not convinced she did not have lap band and just used WW for meal control, plus the use of a professional trainer and chef makes me think this ww thing is ridiculous. I’ve been on ww and it took me more than a year to lose 60 lbs. So for her to do 80 lbs in 6- 8 months with no set backs what so ever.

    Then JHud had the band slippage. Food poisioning from a morning show is weird….and the bran muffins in the green room don’t work that quickly.

    I pray Hollywood and producers do not try to make Adele in to a barbie.

    Plus (and I know I’m hating here, but her remarks are inexcusable…tact and manners should be expected of anyone in Hollywood) when JHud lost all that weight she lost her voice, and gained a really large forehead.

  • Will you guys just relax?.? Maybe Jennifer Hudson just wanted to help Adele a little and, well, she didn’t take it that well. I honestly would have reacted the same way, because I used to be very chubby/fat and, woah, if somebody told me something I would be veeeeery ofended, and if my own mom told me: “don’t eat that much icecream” i’d be like >:O and that got me to an eating disorder shortly after and, well, right now i’m not skinny, but i’m not fat either. You know, I just exercise daily and eat right. I’m a teen and I still eat junk food hahahaha. What I’m trying to say is that if Adele exercises and eats right there’s nothing wrong with her appearance.

  • Then Jennifer Hudson should remember when she used to look good. I don’t want my girl, Adele to lose anymore weight, she looks so good the way she is, she’s a goddess. Jennifer on the other hand looks like a damn dirty lollipop and looks just nasty at it..

  • Jennifer Hudson was very overweight, unhappy with her appearance, and one day came to the decision to lose those pounds. It wasn’t easy, but she stayed true to herself, and she SHOULD be proud! She looks beautiful! She wants Adele to feel the same way too. It’s pretty obvious that Adele is not happy with the way she looks – I don’t care WHAT she says about being fine with weighing 165 pounds. I have a friend who is 5’2” tall, weighs 165 pounds, and SWEARS that a size 8 is too big on her. Some people have to lie about their weight and if it makes them feel better, what does it matter? Deep down, they know that people aren’t stupid enough to believe it; most are just too polite to argue the point. When Jennifer offered weight loss assistance to Adele, she touched the “I-know-I’m-fat-and-I-don’t-need-to-hear-it-from-you” nerve, and Jennifer understands that; she remembers it all too well. Losing weight is not just a physical thing – you have to retrain the way you think as well. The bottom line; if Adele wants to continue in this line of work, looking fit and looking good will have to become part of the job requirement, and she WILL come to that conclusion, but only when she is ready. Unlike Jennifer Hudson offering her knowledge and assistance, Joan Rivers used to publically insult Elizabeth Taylor about her weight in her drab comedy routines. Rivers wasn’t compassionate or trying to help in any way; she was cruel and covered her jealous remarks by saying she was a comedian doing her job. Liz Taylor was beautiful and famous. Joan Rivers was, and still is to this day, a very homely woman. No amount of surgery can fix that. I’m just making a comparison between Rivers and Hudson’s comments on overweight celebrities. But sadly, not only does Adele look obese, she looks tired and OLD. It’s the added weight causing that, and she’s too young and attractive to look that old. But, the day will come when Adele makes the decision, on her own, to lose those pounds, and when she does, she will be absolutely STUNNING! Then SHE will know that “feeling of accomplishment” that Jennifer has, and I’m sure Adele will someday offer her “weight loss tips” to another young, fat, singer, and the cycle will continue. I’m just sayin’…

    • Girl frak outta here with that shit:

      first of all aint no way Adele is 165, just aint no way!

      secondly…i’m 5’8 and 155 lbs. My measurements are 37-28-40, my collarbones, wrist bones, and shoulderblades all stick out. Ppl carry weight differently cuz i look wayyy lighter than 155. So yes ppl can b happy weighing 165 because if i gain 10lbs i’d still look fly.

  • KC you are full of crap! Adele doesn’t look tired or old! And she will not have to be thin to fit in. She is getting more job offers then Jhud is! So back off! Jennifer was out of line! Period. And at least Adele didn’t throw a drink at her, cause I would have!

  • Inconsiderate sure…I don’t think it was spiteful… Both are good Artist… At the Moment I’m liking Adele just a bit more… Having said that… I’m 5-3… Have Fibro & Lupus take steroids daily for years… Weight fluctuates last several years… But I weighed 168 again at 5-3… There is NOWAY Adele could weight near the same… My hips ARE the Widest on my body… I have a smaller waistline… Average up top, arms & legs too… I should be wider than her, since I’m shorter…Stands to reason, Right? My behind & thighs are wayyy slimmer than hers… Noway she is 165… More like 190-200.. Just sayin… They both are good singers… I’m African American, my Fathers Mother is Half Cherokee & Black… Some type of Indian Deeper on my Moms side of Family too… Incase anyone is interested lol…I’m workin my Butt off to get back down to 135 as I was regularly a few years ago before I medically retired from LawEnforecMent…Telecommunications Jailer… My Best weight 135.. Otherwise, I’d look like a toothPick at 130… Not doing Weight Watchers either lol… Although Nothing’s Wrong With it… I’m doing Atkins Low Carb High Protein Dinners Along with Cardio, Wii Fit Dance Exercise .. Last Summer I lost 20…Gained it back because of A Lupus Flare up Which Led to a Higher Prednisone Dosage… Plus broken foot (Two Toes)… I’m an athletic person but Prednisone is no joke… I’m 46 almost 47 FaceBook me & see for yourself.. Lol… Lost 10lbs… 158 now… FairWell… Much love : D

  • Gosh, you would think that someone would have a little more sense than that! I mean, SERIOUSLY?!! It just totally blows my mind that Jennifer Hudson even had the NERVE to push the weight watchers program on Adele during one of the biggest nights of her CAREER!!! I absolutely do NOT blame adele 4 getting annnoyed… there is only so much a person can take, especially if its someone obsessively shoving a weight watchers program on you and basically calling you too fat! YES, Jennifer Hudson DID mean well, but what does she expect?!! Weight tends to be a really touchy topic amoung many people, and it is natural for someone to get defensive! To me, Jennifer Hudson was basically asking for crap, and should be WAY more careful about WHAT SHE SAYS!!!

  • I dont understand what is wrong people these days! We shouldnt be telling other people to lose weight when half of us are fat ourselves. Nobody cares that one guy on a street is fat so why do people rip on celebs like adele for every little thing they do or if they gain a little weight. People should be talking about how talented these people are instead of judging there appearence 24/7. Adele is happy the way she is and that doesnt happen very often these days so people should shut up and live there own lives

  • She may very well be 165 pounds everyone carries weight differently im 5’8 and weight 225 and people always say no way when i tell them how much i weigh i look like im 160-65 so she could very well be just 165 . And Jennifer Hudson has a big head literally i mean congrats on the weight loss and all , but noone wants her shoving it down their throats .