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Who Wants to See Adele’s New House?

A photo of Adele

Because, uh, here are a whole bunch of pictures of Adele‘s new house. According to our photo agency, these are pictures of “the 10-bedroom mansion in the Southern English countryside that singer Adele is living in,” and man, is it gorgeous.

Seriously look at that … everything. I mean, I like to look at fancy houses as much as anybody, but when I’m browsing through photos to show you guys, mostly I just see fancy houses somewhere in California. The English countryside, though? That’s clearly the place to be. That sky! Those trees! That super fancy dining room and that green bathroom that, for whatever reason, I find completely lovely. I bet it doesn’t even have a rat running around in it*!

Really, if anybody deserves such a charming house, it’s Adele. Well, I know there are tons and tons of other perfectly wonderful people who deserve nice homes as well, but most of them don’t sing like angels. Do I have to keep justifying this? Can’t we just stop and look at the pretty pictures now?

*Yeah, ok, you caught me. That was kind of a silly thing to say, and I only said it because I wanted to tell you about how I actually do have a rat running around in my bathroom. Her name is Abby, and she was a pet for approximately 15 hours before she escaped the comforts of her cage to live under the sink in the bathroom. She’s still a pet though, it’s just that now she, uh, lives under the sink in the bathroom. She has a water dish and plenty of food, and she was even kind enough to leave poops on top of the toilet! We have a trap set for her (not to kill her, obviously, it’s a tricky little box to catch her so we can put her back in her cage), but for now, there is a rat living in my bathroom. I can’t wait till the company comes over Friday night for the Star Trek RPG! They’re going to be psyched!

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