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Guess the Celebrity Without Makeup!

photo of heidi montag no makeup pictures photos pics
Wow, right? And let me tell you – it’s not January Jones, and it’s not Naomi Watts-or-Laura Linney (those two always look the same to me).

Want a second look? OK, here:

photo of heidi montag pictures no makeup photos pics
Got it yet? Here are a few hints to send you on your way:

– This girl spent so much money on plastic surgery that you think she’d look like some kind of preternatural goddess every waking minute of the day, makeup or not
– I *almost* didn’t recognize her because she’s actually wearing clothes in these photos, and not stumping around awkwardly in bikinis
– She looks more like her husband in these photos than he does

Take your guesses and jump on in to find out who the mystery lady is!

photo of spencer pratt and heidi montag 2012 pictures photos recent pic
OMG, right? HEIDI MONTAG. She looks completely different and completely … well, ordinary. Don’t get me wrong – she looks good. She looks pretty. But if I were her, and I spent as much as she did on plastic surgery of all things (you know, an amount somewhere in the area of ALL OF IT), I’d be pissed. What a waste of time, funds, and resources. Ugh.

What’s she been up to, though, you’re probably wondering? Anything good? Well, that’s subjective. She’s apparently been Tweeting Lana Del Rey, trying to make a friend though:

photo of heidi montag twitter pictures photos lana del ray pics
Can you imagine these two parading around town being friends? They could compare plastic surgery scars and talks about lame ex-boyfriends (and husbands). Just don’t ask Lana to talk finances with Heidi here, because that’s one thing they just don’t have in common, guys.

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  • I always wished I had the “gift” of being able to do makeup. I always knew the makeup artists could work wonders but after seeing these shots, I am even more convinced. We are all just one layer of war paint away from beautiful! (Must be exhausting actually.)

  • @St Louis Chick: You are absolutely correct when you stated that we are all just one layer of war paint away from beautiful. What is even more ironic is the fact that it takes longer to apply make-up to achieve a “natural” look! And it is exhausting, believe me, even when one does know how to apply make up well.