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Love It or Leave It: Lindsay Lohan’s Glasses and Not Her Double Chin

photo of lindsay lohan black glasses nerd double chin pictures photos pics
Is that some crazy side-effect of meth or cocaine or whip-its or whatever Lindsay‘s been doing as of late? Or do you think maybe it’s the constant lip injections that just happen to be sinking lower and lower into her jaw, thus creating a really, really unflattering look?

Because man. Those lips look fit to burst. They look all dry and cracked and grey, and if the effect was supposed to be the exact opposite, someone, somewhere done f-cked up – maybe the injectionist who decided that a synthetic blend of motor oil might be the new in-thing to do when it came to plumping up lips. After all, doesn’t the old V05 hot oil hair treatment kind of do the same thing to limp, dry, thin hair? Plump it up and make it look all voluptuous and healthy? Same effect I guess.

I don’t know, guys. Lindsay’s no longer my cup of tea, and she hasn’t been for a long, long time, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there who’d lick the day-old sweat from her unwashed shoulder blades. No, people are actually still shelling out ridiculous amounts of money to get their hands on Lindsay Lohan art:

Domingo Zapata has just sold a piece of artwork comprised of Polaroid pictures of Lohan for more than $100,000. Zapata, who shot the images in his studio at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, is believed to have sold the work through the Hus Gallery to a prominent British collector. The creation comprises four pictures of a platinum blond LiLo with a sultry look, and embellished with paint into an Adam and Eve story of original sin and the words, “An Apple . . . that I like . . . with a bite out of it. Adam and Eve changed mankind forever . . . started SIN . . . it was a plain simple apple hanging from a tree. Then the world changed for all of us.”

And come on, who can blame these people for wanting a piece? Especially when Lindsay looks like this?:

photo of lindsay lohan pictures photos pics

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