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The Best Dressed of the 2012 SAG Awards: Lea Michele Wins!

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You guys knowyou guys know – how much Lea Michelle generally unnerves me and doesn’t do a whole lot that I think is talk-worthy or even think-worthy, but when push comes to shove and it’s time to give credit where credit is due, I have to begrudgingly admit that Lea Michele was, by far, the best dressed at the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Best. The dress is a perfect cut for her, the shoes are totally enviable (if they just … fit her a little bit better), and the hair is the ultimate compliment to the tightly-bound dress. The accessories topped it all off. I couldn’t have chosen a better look if I even knew what I was talking about. Really.

Other honorable mentions of the evening include Jessica Lange, who, at 62, blows away 95% of the fashion competition with her sparkly black dress and understated makeup (though she definitely could have left the black satin clogs or whatever they are in the back of her closet where they belong); Kaley Cuoco, who, I wasn’t sure at first whether or not I loved or hated the dress because it kind of reminded me of an exotic bird of prey, but I then succumbed to the general awesomeness that is all soft and tissue-like and pretty; Tilda Swinton, who could wear a black garbage bag (with yellow ties) and still look sophisticated and untouchable and never, ever dated; and Sofia Vergara, who should almost always be at the top of every awards ceremony ‘best dressed’ list just because of that body. And her choice of color, I suppose, too.

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  • Lea Michele’s gown looks like a bunch of gauze wrapped around her. Best dressed? NOT! And she must be wearing mama’s shoes cuz they sure as hell don’t fit her!

    • I have to agree, not best-dressed in the least. The slit was just a bit too high to look classy, her gait was awkward and march-like…I disagree with you about her shoes though, they look more like she’s wearing Dad’s shoes not Mom’s.

  • Tilda looks feminine! I can’t believe it! Yes, she’s cool and doesn’t need to play femme, but it looks good on her.