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Just How Bad Was Lea Michele’s PCA Acceptance Speech?

Eh. It depends on how you feel about her. I’ll let you be the judge. I, too, think that her baby-talk spiel was probably the most off-putting part for Ashton Kutcher (I mean, he probably got it all the time from his mom Demi), and talking like that to the peeps who made her famous … well, if they made her famous, that probably means that they like her and are totally OK with the way she acts (and talks)… So, I don’t know. I suppose maybe it wasn’t so off-putting to people who think she’s an alright chick – who deserves to win Best Television Comedy Actress at the People’s Choice Awards. Eh.

I, on the other hand, had a really hard time getting through the first ten seconds, but I persevered and stuck it out ’til the end. And I’m proud of myself, because her voice definitely got more and more saccharine-sweet as the seconds ticked by. She’s also the only celebrity I “know” that can somehow look twelve and fifty-two simultaneously. How does she do it?

Anyway, for all of you who just love Lea and positively can’t get enough of her, here’s a list of Ten Things You Might Not Have Known About the Recipient of the 2012 People’s Choice Award for Best Comedy Actress Television:

1. Lea’s real last name is ‘Sarfati’. Michele is her middle name, but because she was teased in high school (kids apparently called her ‘Lea So-fatty’ or something – so creative, duhrrr), she dropped the last bit.

2. She gets nervous about getting partially nude in front of her dad. She told Allure “When my dad would come [to Broadway production of Spring Awakening], I would not expose myself that night.”

3. Lea’s not a morning person and would prefer you didn’t speak to her ’til she’s had her cup of coffee. Also, once, during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she asked for a warmer cup of coffee: “I’m so sorry. Is that okay? Thank you so much,” she was said to “gush.”

4. She has a ‘Cheerios’ bumper sticker on the back of her car. Which, I guess, means that she likes Cheerios?

5. She’s got nine (ten unconfirmed) tattoos somewhere on her body. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to strip down for her daddy in the name of art, huh?

6. Lea’s already been in Les Miserables. She actually kicked off her Broadway debut as Young Cosette back in ’95. She was a replacement for the original actress slated to play YC.

7. In 2010, FHM magazine named Lea on their Sexiest Woman list. She came in at number seven.

8. Lea’s original aspiration when she arrived in Hollywood was to secure a slot on Grey’s Anatomy. [Ed. Note: She’d probably end up being cast as the obnoxious, overbearing candy striper, and don’t say it didn’t cross your mind, either.]

9. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. The main personality traits of Virgo (the Virgin!) include: modesty and shyness; reliability and a meticulous nature; fussiness, a propensity to be overcritical and harsh, and those are just a few among many others. Sweet.

10. Lea was pretty upset about a carriage horse in New York City dropping over dead in the street earlier last year. She’s a big animal rights’ activist and doesn’t eat meat on principle.

In short, if you knew all of these things (or even most of these things!) you probably thought Lea’s acceptance speech was awesome, if not adequate. And that’s OK. We can still be friends – even if we disagree on the fundamentals that Lea Michele is ANNOYING AS ALL HELL.

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