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So This is What ‘Exhaustion’ Means, Huh?

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From Radar Online:

Demi Moore had a seizure Monday night before she was rushed to the hospital and is being treated for anorexia, among other substance abuse issues, has exclusively learned.

The 49-year-old Ghost star has become frighteningly thin since her split with husband Ashton Kutcher, and a source close to the actress described what happened to her.

“She collapsed after having an epileptic seizure,” the source said about the frightening medical emergency.

Her dramatic weight loss has caused much speculation about her health and the source confirmed that this is one of the issues she is seeking treatment for.

“Demi is in getting treated for anorexia, as well as other issues that caused her seizure,” the source said. “She has not taken care of her health at all lately and has lost a ton of weight.”

The actress is reportedly seeking help for substance abuse as well.

Yikes. Poor girl, I can’t imagine what kind of condition her stomach’s in. Not eating and doing drugs and/or drinking? Jeez. And all this, over Ashton Kutcher, King Douche of the Bareback Hookups. Well, no, maybe not exactly. E! Online has an exclusive interview with one of Demi’s close celebrity friends, who asked to remain off the record as to his identity Bruce Willis. The tipster claims that it’s a shame that Demi’s just breaking down now, after all she’s been through in her life:

“Demi has come so far to do this now,” lamented a well known celeb pal of Demi’s. So is he saying that perhaps the famously sober star is not having the easiest time of it right now?

“Demi’s been through it all, from a long time back,” the friend continued, referring to Demi’s wild ‘n’ crazy days before she settled down with second hubby Bruce Willis. “And I wish her nothing but success. I will always wish her that. I just hate to see her succumb to her troubles now.”

The friend did not want to go on record saying what, exactly, it was about Demi’s health that she was battling, only that he was “sorry to see it happen.”

OK, so now that we’ve got the male celebrity friend narrowed down to Bruce Willis (because really, he’s probably the only one aside from Ashton Kutcher, who could give a shit less about this news and is firing off Tweets about his international whereabouts and fun times partying with Victoria’s Secret models), are we all clear and in agreement that Demi’s been ill-ish for quite some time? I hardly expect this is the last we’re going to hear about girl’s life-long battle with self-esteem and substance abuse issues. It really goes to show you, no matter how together or with it some people seem to have it, there’s sometimes that deep layer that’s more f-cked than anyone realizes, and before anyone can do anything to help, it’s often too late.

Get well, Demi, jeez.