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Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez Are Surprisingly Not-Awkward Together

Photo: Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez at the Q'Viva panel, January 14, 2012

I am assuming the erstwhile couple is only putting on a happy face, but what a happy face! Jennifer Lopez and estranged husband Marc Anthony seemed unusually comfortable together at the Q’Viva: The Chosen panel in Pasadena this morning.

Radar Online poked and prodded this story, looking for any sign of sordid, scandalous life. Except for a weird aside about Lopez needing a psychiatrist (?!), this story is bone-dry:

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony looked anything like a couple in the midst of a divorce as they promoted their new show, Q’Viva! The Chosen.

Marc was spotted complimenting his estranged wife on the rings she was wearing, and the pair even briefly held hands at the Saturday event.

The former couple did a suburb job in hiding what is really going on with them. As exclusively reported, Marc wants J.Lo to see a psychiatrist to figure out why she jumps from one love affair to another.

I think Radar meant to say that the couple did a “superb job,” but the first several times I reread that sentence, I was convinced there is such thing as a “suburb job.” Like, maybe you need to keep something under wraps or else your entire hometown church will whisper about it. A “suburb job,” get it?

(Gallery via Celebuzz.)

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