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The Best Dressed of the 2012 People’s Choice Awards: Miley Cyrus Wins!

photo of miley cyrus and liam hemsworth hot 2012 people's choice awards pics
So, is it me, or is Miley Cyrus, like, UNBELIEVABLY HOT? Hotter than I think I’ve ever seen her kind-of-hot? Hot like an adolescent boy thought “hot” back during the green bra and shower pics era? Because she is. And I find myself wondering when the roof ended up being the floor and the floor ended up being the ceiling.

Seriously. The only competition that Miley could have had in “Best Dressed” would be Demi Lovato (maybe), and even Demi’s leagues behind Miley today.

Oh, and I guess Liam looks alright, too, yeah? Not so bad?

Other relatively well-dressed celebrities in attendance included Demi Lovato, Julianne Hough, Elisha Cuthbert, and Kelly Osbourne.

photo of demi lovato hot at the people's choice awards pics

photo of julianne hough pictures photos 2012 pca pics

photo of elisha cuthbert pictures people's choice awards pics

photo of kelly osbourne pictures 2012 people's choice awards pics

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  • Sarah you’ve got your blinders since Demi Lovato looks smoking hot. She’s full-figured and mostly looking healthy these days.

    Miley “Flat-Chest-Rabbit-Teeth” Cyrus pales in comparison.