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You hardcore, teeth-gnashing-over-Eva-Mendes Ryan Gosling-lovers aren’t going to be happy about today’s installment of YDG. Why, you ask? Well, because it features photos of the two of them embarking on a late-night tryst while Ryan takes a break from filming one of his many current movies. Sigh.

Ugh, Eva, though, can you blame her? No. Not really. She’s only seeing what we all see, but unlike us, she gets the option to ACT on it. We’d all be at the back door of his set, waiting for him to come out for even thirty-five seconds as he pretends to “go to the bathroom,” because for most of us, that’s all we’d need. No, we can place the blame solely on Ryan here. He’s encouraging this behavior on Eva’s part – you know, allowing her to visit him on set, dressed like she’s an undercover Russian spy who’s actually wearing nothing but NOTHING underneath that camel-colored coat. Making it seem like he’s actually into her and not … I don’t know, someone else. Yes, I’m afraid that our Ryan here is completely at fault for allowing all of this crazy business to continue, and guys, I don’t know how much more of it I can stand.

Poor Eva. She’s going to get hurt one of these times, and I’m really just looking out for her welfare here. It’d probably be best if she just took the initiative and backed off, because I’ve seen it happen a dozen times or more. Girl gets involved with hot guy, girl gets dumped by hot guy. Sadness ensues. I think it’s just that I love Eva so much that I’d be willing to help her do anything to avoid heartache, you know? And isn’t that just so selfless of me?

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