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Britney Spears “Can’t Stop” Looking at Her Ring

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And thank God for that. I mean, when she married Jason Alexander, did she even have a ring? I don’t think so. And then, later, when she married Kevin Federline, she was probably too busy looking at the selection of morphine lollipops and Colt 45 in her pantry. I’m sure, in that case, she probably didn’t even realize she had a ring until the divorce was finalized. This engagement? She knows, guys. She’s aware of it, on board with it, and she’s actually even Tweeting about it. This would probably not only confirm that she realizes what a ring on her finger means, but she’s showing it to us so that we, too understand the impact and reality of what’s happening right now, and that kind of impact? GOES DEEP. Check it out:

photo of britney spears twitter can't stop looking at engagement ring photos pics
See, in recent photos, Britney’s been lucid, excited, and showing some actual, focused emotion in her normally dead eyes. She looks healthy and happy and like she’s finally starting to resemble a real person, not a poor, misunderstood shell of a child forced into show business by parents who wanted to make a quick buck off of her and their other kids – a shell of a child who finally cracked after twenty years of doing what everyone told her to do and acting how everyone told her to act. It’s come full circle, and I think Britney’s honestly starting to come into her own (whatever that may be, really) and if that meant having to go through the dark, vine-choked jungle of minor insanity in order to emerge from the other side victorious and with a ring from a normal dude, then really, who are we to judge? She’s done her time and she’s looking well, so I think we should really try our best to not bring her down. It’s not like she’s this bloated, washed up alcoholic who makes out with her boyfriend in public all of the time and spends all of her hard-earned singing money on Pina Coladas so that she can’t even afford a back-up pair of cheap, thin black leggings.

We can always look to the bright side in that case, can’t we?

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  • I don’t see any life in her eyes. If you cover up her mouth, you wouldn’t be able to tell if she was smiling or not… there is a huge disconnect between her eyes and whatever emotion she’s expressing. I haven’t seen life in her face since probably 2004 (well, actually, I saw insanity in her eyes when she went on her little breakdown rampage). I can’t help but think this is a huge PR setup so Jason can keep tabs on Brit and make sure she’s taking her meds.

    • @ XYZ that is cool that you even know about that!! yes they say the brainwashing starts to wear off around 30! Brittney was lucky to fast forward it around 26, I suspect having 2 babies back to back and a no good husband sent her over the cliff faster due to having so much pressure and so many ppl to support….I’m just glad she found a normal guy and I think by the results he’s good for her…btw! didn’t anyone notice how super big her boobs are in this pic? no mention in the article but she’s not that big normally not even close to that size. she carries it well but just saying this is a big change…

  • Her eyes look so tired and lifeless. I wish so much that she would take a REAL break. Get the hell out of Hollywood and take YEARS, not week or months off.

  • Is it just me or does she kind of resemble Sasha (the original evil beet) during a blond phase in this photo?