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Quotables: Ke$ha Explores Her Softer Side

Photo: Ke$ha and her penchant for 80s gloves

“…Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you’re weak. I very much want to be seen as a strong woman, but I realize that vulnerability can also be a strength. So on my next record, you are going to hear probably a little more of that.”

Ke$ha will experiment with “vulnerability” in her yet-to-be-titled album, slated for release in May 2012.

Yay! Anyone who has taken time to listen to the not-robotronic, real naked-voiced Ke$ha knows the girl’s music isn’t that terrible. In fact, she’s at her best when she keeps it to whispers, growls, and yodels.

Ke$ha is starting to realize this, too; now she plans to play to her strengths. “I’m not going to make an acoustic, sad entire record,” she tells MTV. “But you might hear a little bit more vulnerability on the next record ’cause I have realized just from this Dylan cover… that it can be such a strength and a nice balance to humanize the other side of my personality.”

I do think it’s weird that this is what pop music has come to in 2012, that “vulnerability” could ever be a euphemism for “leaving the voice raw and undigitized.”

Still, I am a relatively recent Konvert to the Kult of Ke$ha, as you all know—sorry! For awhile there I wasn’t in on the joke—and I am therefore thrilled that she has decided to experiment with being a person instead of a cartoon.

(Image via Billboard.)