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Oh, Wait – Here’s More Reasons That Russell Brand Dumped Katy Perry

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Ooh, ooh! From the Mirror:

Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry because she refused to settle down and have his children, the Sunday Mirror can reveal. The couple had a series of huge bust-ups over her partying and boozy lifestyle in the run-up to the collapse of their 14-month marriage. Comedian Russell, 36, has beaten booze and drugs addictions and wanted to shun the Hollywood clubbing scene and start a family with the Firework singer. But Katy, 27, didn’t want to become a “Hollywood housewife”. A source close to the couple said Katy took off her wedding ring and handed it back to Russell after one last devastating row a week before Christmas. The I Kissed A Girl star thought she had called her husband’s bluff and he would come running back. But it was the final straw for Russell, who simply shrugged his shoulders and flew home to his mother Barbara. The couple spent Christmas 7,000 miles apart – Katy in Hawaii, Russell in Cornwall – before he instructed his lawyers to start divorce proceedings on Friday. … It remains unclear whether the decision to end the marriage was mutual. … When Katy took her ring off he decided it was best he walked away. … “Katy was surprised that Russell didn’t come running back but she had met her match. They are both strong-willed people and there has been a lot of game-playing going on.”

So, OK. I can totally see this. Katy thinks she’s got this big, bad-assed music career going for her, when the reality is that she’s probably got another few years, tops, before she’s a Hollywood has-been that went the route of crap-singer-that-had-a-decent-stage-show-so-that’s-why-she-lasted-so-long, and maybe that fact is slowly beginning to dawn on her. Maybe that’s why she didn’t want to settle for kids just yet, because she knew that her 15 minutes were going to be up soon – and probably very soon, at that. Her time has been running out for awhile now, and she more than likely wants to make the best of what she’s done and stretch it out for as long as she’s able to.

However, as for Russell “really wanting kids,” I’m not entirely sure I believe that’s the primary reason for cutting out on his marriage. If he “really wanted kids,” and “really loved his wife,” then maybe he would have, I don’t know, compromised and gave it another year or so to see how Katy‘s career panned (or didn’t pan) out? I’m definitely not siding at all with Katy in any of this, nor am I siding with Brand, because aside from his humor, I don’t think there’s much appeal in either of them, but let’s be realistic. This marriage was over before it began, regardless of the reason, and the fact that it even lasted this long is a testament in trying to stick it out, I guess.

Good riddance one way or the other, I say.