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Mischa Barton Looks Not Totally Gross on Vacation This Time

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It’s got to be the absence of a boat. Remember all that? It was like every time she was vacationing on a boat, she looked like hot garbage on a humid day. Maybe it was seasickness, maybe it was a weird intestinal thing she had going on, but for sure, one thing was true – you couldn’t get me to touch Mischa Barton with another dude’s schlong. While he was under anesthesia. For schlong-reattachment surgery.

Nope, these days, she’s looking tons better. No more shitty orange Sun-In blonde hair, no more horrible yellow pants (no pants at all actually; she might be onto something here), and on the whole, she doesn’t look all jaundiced or dark-circle-eyed. She doesn’t look like her character in The Sixth Sense anymore, guys.

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Isn’t that maybe worth celebrating the most?

Bikini images courtesy of INF