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Love It or Leave It: Mischa Barton Emerges from Obscurity, Wears a Bikini

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Would some say that Mischa Barton‘s gotten fat? Yeah, some probably would. But I’m not going to. She’s not, you know, Victoria’s Secret-caliber-form anymore, but she’s certainly not FAT. However, despite the fact that I wouldn’t call her fat, I WOULD call her out on looking like some caveman’s sister. I mean, hell. What happened to her face? Is this what not giving a fuck is supposed to look like? Because if it is, girl’s got it down pat, and for that, I commend her.

Photos courtesy of Celebuzz

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  • Maybe she lost her lifestyle cause she messed with the Dutch guy? She said she wouldnt get what she wanted the wrong way if he fell in love the right way with me.

    she told my father to push down on me.
    my father did cause hes a dumb ass. now he doesnt know how to marry me, with my father in my room.

    but what about war in france? maybe she works for natzis, maybe they are all natzis??????? something changed. . . something else happened and i dont trust that dutch guy, especially if he has women the wrong way such as Mischa.
    then again sometimes i think she does the right thing. but im ucked. my father didnt stop messing with me. bad scene. bad things happening to france and india. what about lourdes think they made her the mistress?