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LeAnn Rimes Probably Has a Giant Gash Where Her Tailbone is Supposed to Be

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I know, that’s not the visual you really wanted to fill your subconscious with in the hours before winding down for the evening, was it? I mean, “LeAnn Rimes” and “gash” in the same sentence is enough, for me, to go into full-body convulsions, complete with projectile vomiting, but hey. I could go on, but I won’t. I had spaghetti and Caesar salad for dinner, and it was good, so I’d like to keep it where it is, thanks.

photo of leann rimes pictures photos twitter pic
Anyway, LeAnn decided to go snowboarding, where she apparently fell and busted her tailbone, and not for the reason of “not enough snow,” like her Twitter account professed, but because there’s a very thin amount of skin covering the tailbone as it is, and with LeAnn being as skinny as she is and all, it wouldn’t surprise me if that thing was protruding like a pregnant lady’s bellybutton as it were.

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  • Have you seen Fatal Attraction when Glen Close’s character cut her wrists to get sympathy from Micheal Douglaus’s character because he was attempting to go home after he slept with her? Well that’s Leann Rimes. She “hurts” herself or fakes an injury to get sympathy from Eddie Cibrian. Eddie was probably either paying way too much attention to another woman on the slopes or was paying more attention to his boys than to Leann and Leann didn’t like that, so she decided to fall and injury her tailbone. LR seems to “hurt” herself on every trip she takes. Didn’t she hurt her foot on some rocks when she was in Cabo with EC during their honeymoon, just a day before her friend arrived in Cabo?

    Why are we even seeing photos of those kids? EC and LR are the ultimate famewhores. Does she think that if she plays up the happy family image, then it will dispel talk of Eddie cheating on her?

  • BTW, another indication that Leann Rimes is lying about her injury. Many sites are reporting that these are photos of them leaving, notice that Leann doesn’t seem to be limping. For someone who supposedly injured her tailbone, Leann Rimes sure is walking pretty fine and without any difficulities. This is just another indication of what frauds LR and EC are. Why lie about an injury and then be dumb enough to release photos depicting something opposite of what she is saying? This is just like how EC was injured by a 200 lb steel door and had stiches and then LR contradicted the whole story by posting photos of EC down on the ground grinding on her. Liars.

  • Eddie is a narcissist. Leanne is an inverted narcissist. He is using her for her money. I guess he thought it would be nice to have someone else pay the bills. And take 25 vacations a year with. She will run out of cash someday and he will be gone. But not before he tells her what he was doing all along.That man is pure evil. I can see it all over his face.