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Could Bridesmaids Win An Oscar?

Judd Apatow did an interview with Variety, and it’s basically about how hard comedies are shafted during awards seasons. He says there’s this big misconception that comedies are much easier to make than dramas or action flicks, so comedies rarely, if ever, get nominated for big awards, and I agree. I think it’s sad that well-made comedic films with great scripts and solid acting don’t get more recognition, but this year might be different. This year, Bridesmaids could win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Bridesmaids just burst into the Top 10 list of predicted nominees for Best Picture, according to a poll of Oscarologists by Gold Derby. At this point it’s unknown how many nominees there will be, though. It will fluctuate between 5 and 10, depending on the strength of support behind the films.

The sudden awards surge for Bridesmaids is fueled by its recent performance at the Golden Globes (nominations for Best Comedy/Musical Picture and lead actress Kristen Wiig), SAG Awards (nom for supporting actress Melissa McCarthy and an unexpected bid for best ensemble) and American Film Institute (10 Best Films of 2011).

Pretty much everyone I’ve ever met, including myself, absolutely loved Bridesmaids. And hey, everyone loves Melissa McCarthy too. Those facts, along with all the award nominations should, in a perfect world, at least make for a nomination, right? Please?

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  • Melissa McCarththy grossed me out in that flick.

    When a comedy needs to be watched drunk or stoned, I question its worth.

  • This movie was not that great. If does end up being nominated, I will be severely disappointed with the Oscars guild (or whatever the people who pick the nominees are called). It’s ridiculous this film is even being considered at all.

    • I agree, Mireee. That was something that really bothered me because it was so unnecessary and such a cheap way to get a laugh.

  • i loved it. potty humor isnt my fave either, but those girls were obviously having a ton of fun…and why not? also, i dont think the “point” of melissa mccarthys character was to be attractive. just reallyreally funny. job done. and done well. i cant say ive ever agreed with the guild 100%, and it would be nice to see a comedy, especially one highlighting great women actors, win. however out of the norm.