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Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow Has Some Pretty Solid Advice

Oh, if only Judd Apatow had been able to give me this advice when I was 14. Maybe then I could have learned that being the funny fat girl at your high school has its perks, but it won’t get you any dates (except with a nerdy closeted boy who turns out to be your cousin). Maybe then I could have learned the incredibly important fact that it doesn’t matter if someone likes you, it’s whether or not you like them back that’s important. I didn’t learn that one until, like, last year.

I guess what I’m trying to say is “thanks for all the funny movies, Judd, but you can go ahead and suck it for not making a movie about this*.”

*Or did he? It’s been a while since I watched Freaks and Geeks.

Watch This: Trailer for HBO’s ‘Girls’

You guys! It’s the trailer for Girls, premiering on HBO on April 15! Which is too bad: if you identify with the main character in any small way, you probably can’t afford HBO, either! Ha, ha!

I personally identify with “stop the bike!” and immediately pitching forward off some dude’s handlebars. There is no reason to ride up Chicago Avenue at 2:30 a.m. on a stranger’s handlebars, no sirree.

Depressingly, the Judd Apatow-produced comedy is about “being 24,” which is an age I barely remember (at 24 I worked in an cubicle and sometimes slept under my desk, thank you). In fact, I don’t think I really hit the “odyssey years” wall until I was at least 27. Hmm. I wonder how many 40-year olds will identify with the women in this show instead. Hmm.

The show stars 24-year-old writer/actress Lena Dunham as “Hannah”; Dunham is making the big leap from various web series to actual TV. Oh, she’s also made a movie, I guess.

Aren’t you thrilled? Doesn’t the trailer look terrific?

Or are you bored? Does the trailer instead look irritating in a distinctly self-aggrandizing, miserable Williamsburg way? Let me know in the comments!

Could Bridesmaids Win An Oscar?

Judd Apatow did an interview with Variety, and it’s basically about how hard comedies are shafted during awards seasons. He says there’s this big misconception that comedies are much easier to make than dramas or action flicks, so comedies rarely, if ever, get nominated for big awards, and I agree. I think it’s sad that well-made comedic films with great scripts and solid acting don’t get more recognition, but this year might be different. This year, Bridesmaids could win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Bridesmaids just burst into the Top 10 list of predicted nominees for Best Picture, according to a poll of Oscarologists by Gold Derby. At this point it’s unknown how many nominees there will be, though. It will fluctuate between 5 and 10, depending on the strength of support behind the films.

The sudden awards surge for Bridesmaids is fueled by its recent performance at the Golden Globes (nominations for Best Comedy/Musical Picture and lead actress Kristen Wiig), SAG Awards (nom for supporting actress Melissa McCarthy and an unexpected bid for best ensemble) and American Film Institute (10 Best Films of 2011).

Pretty much everyone I’ve ever met, including myself, absolutely loved Bridesmaids. And hey, everyone loves Melissa McCarthy too. Those facts, along with all the award nominations should, in a perfect world, at least make for a nomination, right? Please?