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Are You Guys Going to See Rock of Ages?

I have so many emotions about this movie, you guys. Just so many. I mean, did you see that trailer? Honestly, did you watch it? Tom Cruise‘s hair? Alec Baldwin‘s hair? The entire concept of the movie? I just can’t, I can’t. This is exactly what I felt when Mamma Mia came out: equal amounts of disgust and intrigue, with sprinklings of disappointment and shame. These feelings are only magnified by the presence of Tom Cruise.

What about you? Are you excited about this? If so, were you also excited about Footloose? Because if both of those things are true, then we need to have a good long talk about good judgement and taste.

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  • i didnt know anything about this movie and for some reason i thought it was a comedy
    now i know better and after watching the trailer i can say it looks like the worst movie ever made, and tom cruise

  • ok i couldn’t even watch the entire trailer so…no
    knowing what i won’t be watching is almost as good as knowing what i will be.