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Lindsay Missed Her Flight

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is due in an L.A. court tomorrow morning. Lindsay was vacationing in Hawaii over the weekend. On Sunday, her purse was stolen from a car, along with her legal paperwork, passport, and $10,000 cash.

And when TMZ reported this information, smuthounds the world over arched their eyebrows suspiciously. Does Lindsay think she can really get out of her December 14 court date? we all simultaneously wondered.

Fortunately, Lindsay’s purse was found and returned. Phew!

Less fortunately, Lindsay missed her flight. She just freaking missed it.

She was also supposed to be a guest on Ellen, but that didn’t happen either. (The word you are looking for is “unemployable.”)

So, yeah, she’s still in Hawaii. Her representative, Steve Honig, promises that she’ll be in L.A. in time for that pesky court appointment tomorrow.