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3Sorry, Lea Michele: Ashton Isn’t Coming Over to Your Place

Oh, Lea Michele. It is so totally obvious that you are madly in love with Ashton Kutcher (with whom you costar in the universally-panned New Year’s Eve).

And everything you say in this interview is so loaded and desperate. Any guy would crawl through fire to get away from this type of stuff. It is so humiliating. I am actually embarrassed.

Interviewer: What is it about New Year’s Eve? Why do people think of that particular night as magical and special? Etc.

Lea Michele (gazing at Ashton): “I think that people like the opportunity to feel like they have a second chance? That they can do things over, start fresh?”

Girlfriend, knock it off! Ashton just got divorced.

Then this happens:

“What are you going to do for New Year’s?” Lea quizzes Ashton flirtatiously. “Why don’t you come celebrate with my big Italian family and me? They would die.”

Ashton: “I don’t—I don’t know where I’m going to be on New Year’s. I haven’t sorted it out—I was going to try to, like, crash a UFO into the Mayan temples. Just to see how people would react to that? But I decided maybe I didn’t want to work that hard.”

Oof. Lea, that was a dismissal.

This video is so, so, so awkward. I don’t think I can watch it a fifth time, you guys.

December 11, 2011 at 11:30 am by Jenn

3 Responses to “Sorry, Lea Michele: Ashton Isn’t Coming Over to Your Place”

  1. pufinstuf says:

    You know he isn’t just jumping at the chance to spend New Year’s Eve with her BECAUSE OF HER NOSE! Right? I mean that is the most important thing about her and and the only reason she doesn’t get 100% of what she wants. Just sayin’. LOL.

  2. kb says:

    Does the face she’s making at him at 1:10-1:13 look familiar?

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