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Ashton Kutcher’s All Broken Up Over his Divorce

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We’re supposed to, what, feel bad for this asshat? Are we supposed to be all weepy and sentimental because a doofy douchebag couldn’t keep his juvenile penis in his pants and had to squeeze it out over a chick that wasn’t even all that great to begin with? Please. I have absolutely no remorse in thinking this guy is a letch, and any sympathy he might have gotten from me completely went out – wait, no, never mind. This tool doesn’t deserve sympathy from anywhere.

“Marriage is hard”? Is that what I’m getting from his comments? It’s that hard to keep your ass from thrusting in the general direction of even marginally-attractive women? Who the hell wrote this BS, Michael Kelso?

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  • “Unfortunately sometimes they fail?”

    Wow…talk about not taking any responsibility at all. kinda makes me a little sick. Marriage CAN be difficult to be sure, and even more so when one partner doesn’t honor vows of fidelity. To say “unfortunately sometimes they fail” shows Mr Kutcher is seriously in the denial state of why it didn’t work.

  • “Marriage is one of the hardest things in the world.” My marriage is not hard. We’re not perfect, and we have our issues, but I have to say that having someone who loves and supports me (and someone whom I love and support in return) has made my life both easier and better. Then again, my husband doesn’t cheat on me and I don’t cheat on him, so maybe that’s the difference…

  • Ok, first let me say, I have no love for AK, but I think he’s getting the sh*t end of the stick here. There are rumors of Demi cheating with one of his friends and several women.They had an open marriage, I don’t care how enlightened you think you are, people get hurt in many of these situations.
    He made the mistake of hooking up with girls who refused to be discreet. His mistake yes, but Demi agreed to this type of relationship. She is no innocent victim in this
    Now all of the sudden, she’s the wronged party and he’s the asshat. She broke vows too. They’re are BOTH to blame in the break down of their marriage.
    As I said, not really a fan of his (of her either, if the truth be told) but he’s taken ALL the heat for this. He never once threw it back at Demi and for that I think he deserves a little credit. They are both fools. She, for allowing and encouraging an open marriage, and he, for going along with it and not using more discretion. I honestly don’t know why they bothered to get married if this was the way they wanted to live their lives.