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Makeup Tip: Don’t Apply Eyeliner Underneath Your Eyes

Photo: Charlize Theron in NYC on December 10

Sure enough! Charlize Theron can, and very occasionally does, look awful. No, I know. If I hadn’t seen photographic proof, I wouldn’t have believed it either.

What is going on here? Did someone in the New York Times building make Charlize cry? Because that eye makeup is horrible.

Here is a makeup tip from the pros: “don’t overblend eyeliner under the lower lash line.”

Unless you’re in a screamo band. In that specific case, your blatant misuse of guyliner might make you look like Jared Leto. (But under-eye mascara will only make you look like Ray Liotta. I’m sorry, but it’s true.)

There. You’re welcome.

Also. I have only a few pet peeves, and here they are: one, men in ponytails. Two, eyeliner-under-the-eye. Three, using a suit jacket as some kind of shawl. Did Charlize not have time to put both arms all the way into the sleeves? Come on.

Yes. Yes, I like those shoes. But it is 36 degrees in New York City today, so put those cute little toes away, Theron. Lady, this is sock weather.

I will accept your apologies, Charlize, but only if they are handwritten and delivered in-person.

(Images [obviously!] via Buzzfoto.)

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