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Avril Lavigne Was Spotted with Her Ex-Husband Again

Photo: Deryck Whibley with Avril Lavigne at Madeo on December 1

Sigh. Another season, another Avril-and-Deryck sighting. These exes can’t get enough of each other, huh.

Look, I ‘get’ that these two are still close friends. I get that they were only dining at ritzy Italian eatery Madeo on Thursday night because they are such good palsies. I get that they were celebrating Whibley‘s recent Grammy nomination (look harder; Sum 41 is in there somewhere). I get that, one year after their divorce, they are naturally buddies, because both their names are totally impossible when it comes to my spellcheck’s autocorrect, and people with weird names have to band together or something. (Kind of like how very tall people pair off, that whole phenomenon.)

But man, every time these two are seen together, I just feel so wistful for them. See that photo, up top? Doesn’t Avril look like she has to pee? That’s how I look, too, anytime I’m feeling wistful.

You know who probably feels super-wistful? Brody Jenner, that’s who.

(Image via the Daily Mail.)

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