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Welcome to DOOM: Here’s the Video for Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey’s Christmas Collab

See, now, if I close my eyes for the first few seconds, it’s not so bad. But then I hear that awful, whiny “Baby” voice, and I’m brought back to the reality of what’s seriously going on. Also, does Mariah Carey just not dance anymore? Is her majesty above having to move on the set of a music video? She’s just content to pick up a tibia and toss it behind her every now and again, is that what this is?

Finally, the whole thing just sounds so damned auto-tuned. It’s not even real. It’s a bad dream, and I’m going to wake up any minute now.

… Any minute now, right? OK?

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  • do you not realize that Mariah Carrey had children? two. at the same time. it will take her a while before she can dance like she used to. years, even. plus the stress of parenthood.