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Rumor: Detective Stabler to Join Cast of ‘True Blood’?

Photo: Christopher Meloni at the Radio City Christmas SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!

I’ve never quite gotten “into” True Blood—although I am pretty sure I can name the television show’s creator and stars offhand. But! If producers have their way, that might be about to change! (The part about actually watching True Blood, I mean.)

The-powers-that-be are apparently rallying hard to add Christopher Meloni to the HBO vampire drama’s cast. MY HEAD JUST BLEW UP. Can you even imagine? “Count Stabler”—that has such a nice ring to it.

Ooh! What if…

Photo: Here is Christopher Meloni as a vampire


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  • OMG!!! Yesssss!!! Was so sad he left SVU, but he’d be one sexy vampire. He could sink his teeth into me any day!!! Between his and Alex Skaarsgard, True Blood would be my new man candy show (aside from Alaska State Troopers…)

  • Oh Jenn you should check True Blood out! I was curious when everyone was talking about it so I watched a whole season in one sitting that was On Demand and I was hooked!! Even if you don’t like the story just looking at the cast is enough! I never saw so many beautiful people in one show!!