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6I Seriously Thought Ashton Kutcher Was Surrendering his Twitter. I Was Wrong.

photo of twitter ashton kutcher with a cow in the country pics
See that photo? That was posted on Ashton‘s Twitter page, complete with the caption “Country Giving,” whatever the hell that means. What’s he giving? Is he secluding himself in the sticks and giving up cheap, sell-out vadge for the upcoming Lenten season? Is he giving the cow in the background a rectal? Is he giving himself time to grow out that stupid, pube-looking beard?

What the hell, Ashton?

November 30, 2011 at 4:30 pm by Sarah
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6 Responses to “I Seriously Thought Ashton Kutcher Was Surrendering his Twitter. I Was Wrong.”

  1. casey says:

    thanksgiving. in the country. country giving.

  2. crab says:

    Gag!! Thanks! I was eating breakfast and I scrolled down upon this douche’s face!! Almost lost it!!

  3. Angry Pirate says:

    I laughed out loud fo’ realz!

    When I saw that, the first thought in my mind was:

    Zoom to closeup on cow. The cow’s eyes get real big. Flash back to Koocher’s face. Fade to black. Cow goes MOOOOOOOOO.

    LOL. Country giving.

  4. Holly says:

    Best photo bomb ever!! :D

  5. jules says:

    Query. Do you know that the “Lenten season” comes before Easter? Granted, that is…upcoming, but uh, not for a good while. Five months or so. Just checking. But if this is just good, old-fashioned forward thinking and all, great, fine, fantastic, joke-understood.

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