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Does Angelina Jolie Look Healthy to You?

A photo of Angelina Jolie

Because the word on the street is that Angelina weighs around 97 pounds and takes in about 600 calories a day. I also hear that Angelina’s usual breakfast consists of things like “a spoonful of coconut oil and a handful of cereal,” and lunch is either skipped or she just eats a couple gummy bears and some almonds, or a protein shake. Dinner is apparently steak with red wine though, so that’s something.

It seems like Angie’s main problem is a loss of appetite due to stress, and with that many kids and that kind of work, that’s understandable. But there’s no way that, unless we’re talking about children or people under five feet (Angelina is at 5’8″, by the way), Angelina is at a healthy weight.

You know, I really don’t talk about celebrities and their bodies and weight that much because it doesn’t make me feel comfortable. Sure, I rag on LeAnn Rimes, but that’s because she’s so obviously unhealthy and she won’t shut up about it. This is a different thing though.

All I’m saying here is that if these really are Angelina’s eating habits, then that’s not ok. Get you some food so you keep your energy up to play with them babies, girl!

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  • She’s admitted that when she is stressed, she has a hard time keeping weight on. If she was only consuming 600 cal a day, she wouldn’t be able to handle her work/family schedule. Maybe she’s just a naturally thin girl who’s currently a little stressed. Besides, I think if she was in danger, her family would stage some sort of intervention – they seem incredibly close.

  • I hate that celebrity weights are so grossly underestimated just to shock us. I’m sure it boosts readership but it totally fucks your body image. When I was a little girl at the supermarket checkout I would see the tabloids shouting that Celebrity X had “dropped to 90 lbs!” and they would show some beautiful actress who was thin, but not 90 lbs thin. Those numbers stick in your head. When you grow to 5’8″ and weigh in at 130 you can’t help but notice you’re 40 lbs heavier than all the “beautiful people”. Jolie is thin, but 97 lbs is insane.

  • Yeah…97 seems a ridiculously low number. My Aunt is 5’1 and 115lbs and she’s the tiniest thing! At 5’8 and 97lbs, she’d pactically collapse. Id say maybe she’s around 120, but not much lower…and as long as her family & doctor thinks she’s fine. Its none of our concern.

  • She can’t be eating 600 kcal a day if she so much as looks at a steak.

    I imagine she takes in around 900 kcal. That’s pretty low, but it can be done. I don’t think she weighs 97 lbs. I think she’s more like 120 or so, but I could be misjudging her size.

  • I think she looks fine. As much as we are obsessed with people being overweight, we definitely obsess with people being underweight.

  • that photo makes her look fine doesn’t it?

    wasn’t there a blind a few weeks ago about how an actress admitted to only eating a couple of times a week? i mean that’s self-abuse, isn’t it?

  • She’s done interviews talking about how she sometimes forgets to eat or doesn’t eat when she’s stressed. That said, she does often look too thin (see her in the film Wanted – she’s even admitted she was too thin) but in this photo she looks healthier. Her arms are usually the tell.

  • maybe she doesn’t like to poop. maybe it’s either too gross for her or too time consuming. either way i can’t say i blame her. she looks okay though.

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