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Love It or Leave It: Justin Bieber’s Pink Underwear

Photo: Justin Bieber and his pink panties

Whooooops! Nice pink underwear, Bieber!

Whatcha think, you guys? Does the Biebz have a penchant for pink, or do you think he maybe threw his bright red hoodie into the wash with all his Hanes?

Honestly, though: the whole pink undies thing would be moot, if only Justin Bieber’s pants weren’t flying at half-mast. I mean, reeeeally, Bieber, hitch those pants back up. I feel like I can almost see something I shouldn’t be able and/or don’t want to see.

P.S. I’m on my laptop in a coffee shop today, which means I am staring at Justin Bieber’s ass in public, in plain daylight. And I hope nobody in here has noticed! Because I am seriously old enough to be Bieber’s teen mom.

(Photo gallery purloined from Celebslam via ONTD.)

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  • LOL Beibs teen-mom.

    The whole pants around the bottom of your ass was new… what… ten years ago? As a statement alluding to you getting hand-me-downs. On Beibs… no, on him it looks idiotic. Like he’s daft or something.

    If I were his dad, I’d (literally) nudge him forward with my foot every time I saw that until he stopped it. It urks me.

    One time when I was wandering out of a supermarket, I saw a kid with his pants around the bottom of his ass chatting with some chic in a car. As I strolled by I said: “Hey, nice ass.” He yanked those suckers up around his tits and looked at me as if I was gonna eat him.

    Beibs’s even wearing a belt. I mean, is his ass so skinny that he slipped through his belt? Maybe he’s just doing that to show his butt to the paps?