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Love It or Leave It: Lady Gaga Goes Normal

A photo of Lady Gaga

Are you as shocked as I am? I mean, this is Lady Gaga here, and she’s wearing a natural(ish) hair color, sensible(ish) heels, and a garment that isn’t made of flesh?! What does it mean? What does it all mean?

My guess is that it means either Lady Gaga is sick of her own schtick or she’s having a hard time thinking of something that’s new and wacky after dressing like a crazy parade for years.

Any other guesses?

Image courtesy of I’m Not Obsessed

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  • There’s a lot of speculation that Lady Gaga might have lupus, so I always assume she wears weird things to distract us from the fact that she can’t stand around bare-armed in the sunshine. But now that I’ve typed it out, this is a pretty overblown guess. Carry on.

  • Long white blonde straight wig, canary yellow dress complete with shoulder wing tips and huge gold platform high heels – an average look for any trendy woman??? Changing her looks gets the press attention.