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Is This The Year That Harry Potter Gets An Oscar?

Oh, please. Please, Academy, make it possible for me to see little Daniel Radcliffe say something insanely moving to all the Potter nerds again. Please give me another chance to see all those magical people together as they should be. And please give some acknowledgement to some of the best performances in film this year (Alan Rickman, right?).

But beyond my fangirl dreams, is it possible that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will win any Oscars? Actually, yes. E! points out a few reasons: the Academy considers up to ten nominations for the Best Picture award, which gives our beloved HP a better chance than it would have had in previous years. And The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King won Best Picture in 2003, and anything Lord of the Rings can do, Harry Potter can do better*. Finally, if Deathly Hallows were to get nominated, the Oscars telecast would more than likely see a sizable increase in ratings, natch.

What do you guys think? What Oscars, if any, does Deathly Hallows deserve next year?

*Have we ever gotten into a LOTR vs. HP debate here? Should we start?

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  • I’m a huge, HUGE HP fan but I’m also an LOTR fan. I love the books and movies in both series equally. Really, I do. That being said, LOTR is a much better made series of movies. Sorry. The last 4 HP movies are very good (DH pt II is one of my fave movies EVER), but still not up to par with the effects or quality of the LOTR movies, and the first 4 HP movies really bring down the validity of the “HP movies are better” claim. The first 4 movies have effects that look cartoonish and juvenille when compared to LOTR, and the HP movies began coming out the same year LOTR did, so saying they didn’t have the same budget or technology to make comparable effects would be a lie. Plus, the trio really were not decent actors until movie 5. The performances in Rings wins that debate as well. LOTR wins the movie competition, hands down.

    HP definitely wins books in my opinion though. The characters are more interesting, easier to relate too and the books are overall WAY more fun to read.

    Here ends the opinion of a 25 year old nerd.

    • This is totally fair. As a whole, the LOTR movies are way, way better than HP. They’re so much more cohesive, where HP really noticeably suffered from all the different directors. Also, those poor little baby wizards … You’re right, LOTR wins the movie category, no doubt.

      My comment was directed more towards the books, where HP is miles and miles and miles better than LOTR. I didn’t really make that clear up there though, but that’s what that was. Because I feel very very strongly about the “HP books are better than LOTR” issue.


      • “where HP is miles and miles and miles better than LOTR”

        LOL….girl, tell me that you are joking! You can’t be serious.
        LOTR books are masterpieces….and compared to them, HP books is shit. Sad, but true.