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Watch This: Katy Perry’s Official Vid for “The One That Got Away”

The Internet, with all its promises of Diego Luna, just tricked me into watching the new Katy Perry video, “The One That Got Away.”

Don’t get me wrong—this is not a great music video. It’s silly. This isn’t a very good song, either (to adapt something my friend Matt once said about Rihanna, “She’s really good at riding one note”). When she’s “acting,” Katy Perry is given to melodrama, and ugh, the old-age makeup she’s wearing is just terrible.

But Diego Luna…! Real, actual-good-actor Diego Luna…! So handsome and artistically tortured, with his leather jacket and his hair all wild! Leaving Katy Perry in a fit of indignant ire! Oh, no! Now they’ll never grow old together! Oh, no!

It’s as credible a romantic scenario as any, and then there’s all that wistfulness and that Johnny Cash song, and in spite of myself, I may have gotten the sniffles. (Or maybe I bawled uncontrollably and rolled around the floor for awhile.) Damn you, Perry! Damn you!

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