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Yeah, You Know You’re Stoked for Breaking Dawn

Now they’re releasing what they’re calling a “wedding featurette,” which is really just all of the scenes you’ve already seen via video and photo stills, but now with added interviews (which you probably saw here, or elsewhere, yesterday) and lots of shiny white teeth (except for Pattinson‘s – his are downright dingy, am I right?).

But don’t let me fool you – I’m as excited about this as the next Twihard (even though I refuse to associate myself with that word, because I’m not as, um, frantic about it all). I’m extra proud, too, because MY engagement ring looks almost identical to Bella Swan‘s, except that mine’s more rounded rather than oval, and I GOT MINE SIX YEARS AGO. I was also married first, but hey. Who’s keeping score anyway? … Firsties!