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Katie Holmes is on the Cover of Marie Claire

photo of katie holmes cover of marie claire pictures 2011 hot pic

Katie Holmes is one of those celebrities that I will never get sick of … looking at. She’s sort of average-ish, I guess, but in her average-ness is complete gorgeousness. I’m not saying that anyone who can snag Tom Cruise has got to be hot, because I think he was getting pretty desperate to settle down when he “chose” Katie out of a group of five or six other Hollywood starlets who happened to be available at the time, but I am saying that Tom kind of won the marriage lottery, because Katie gets far less credit than what she actually deserves. I mean, yeah, she moves her face in funny ways when she talks and sort of portrays every character she’s cast as the same, but hey. Her beginnings were humble – she came from Dawson’s Creek, and hell. Look where she is now.

Keep on keeping on, Kate.

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