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1Mischa Barton is in Some Serious Need of a Good Dental Hygienist

photo of mischa barton pictures tyler shields nudes chewing on raw meat pics
And it’s not even because girlfriend here is chewing on raw meat. She’d need a good gastro doctor for that, ’cause I have no doubts that shit’s been sitting out for awhile. SALMONELLA. You know how long these photo shoots sometimes take. Just ask Robert Pattinson – he had to sit about and percolate in the horrid waxy stench of vagina for hours. Can you just imagine how long that slab of eye round’s been laying around? BOTULISM.

No, the reason Mischa needs a good cleaning (and maybe even deep scaling!) is evidenced in one of the photos in the gallery. Sloppy Mischa‘s mouth is wide open and you can obviously see the yellowing, browning and gradual decay of her back teeth. I’m sorry, guys, but there’s never an excuse for that if you own a damned toothbrush and CAN AFFORD COMPREHENSIVE DENTAL CARE.

Photos courtesy of Tyler Shields

October 11, 2011 at 9:30 am by Sarah
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One Response to “Mischa Barton is in Some Serious Need of a Good Dental Hygienist”

  1. Carly says:

    Didn’t she claim her unvoluntary 5150 hold in the psych ward was due to medication (or lack there of) during oral surgery? If her teeth are in such horrible shape it makes sense now…,,20303844,00.html
    (yep… claimed it was due to wisdom teeth pain)

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