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Past Action Hero: Arnold Schwarzenegger Inaugurates Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann attend the bronze statue's unveiling

On Friday, Arnold Schwarzenegger attended the inauguration of the first-ever museum dedicated to the Triumph of Being Arnold Schwarzenegger. The museum itself is located in the house where Schwarzenegger was born, in the village where Schwarzenegger was born, in Austria—where Schwarzenegger was born.

Actually, the museum first opened its doors in July, but I guess Arnold Schwarzenegger was busy then. The building houses “a sword from Conan the Barbarian,” as well as “a Harley-Davidson motorbike from one of the Terminator films.” (My boyfriend, without consulting any sort of documentation, has identified the motorcycle as a “Fat Boy” from Terminator 2 since, as everyone knows, the Terminator rode a Honda in the first movie.)

Also on display: some of young Schwarzenegger’s barbells, a replica of Governor Schwarzenegger’s gubernatorial desk, and—HOLY GOD, THAT STATUE. THAT STATUE THAT STATUE THAT STATUE. Do you see what I see? THAT STATUE HAS A LITTLE STATUE OF ITS OWN.

P.S. I am so bad with headlines. I waffle. This time, my headline was very nearly “True Thighs: Schwarzenegger’s Bronze Statue Unveiled.” Either that, or a pretty obvious joke about Commando. Ugh, I really struggled with this! It’s like trying to pick a child.

Image via “Schwarzenegger unveils statue of himself at museum in Austria” from the Los Angeles Times.

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