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Quotables: Simon Cowell Pays His Ex-Girlfriends

Photo: Simon Cowell at the premiere of 'X Factor,' September 14, 2011.

You can’t have somebody in your life who’s become accustomed to a certain thing, and just because you don’t want to be in the relationship any more, now everything is cut off. It’s not alimony. It’s doing the right thing.

Simon Cowell, on paying off some of his ex-girlfriends.

There you go, ladies! If, in the course of dating Simon Cowell, you become acclimated to luxury and extravagance, he will continue paying you. That seems like a nice gig, huh?

Following their breakup in 2008, ex Terri Seymour moved into Cowell’s separate LA apartment. Earlier, Cowell had also purchased a mansion for singer Leona Lewis. Seymour eventually scored a house, too.

Of course, I read a ton of blind items, so I’ve always believed that Simon Cowell pays his former flames to keep their mouths shut about his “quirks.” (Not that he’s even up to anything! From whatever I’ve read, his hobbies are really kind of vanilla!)

But whatever. As Cowell told People in 2008, all his exes are “like his best friends.” P.S. Here’s a cute portmanteau I’d never heard before today: “PALIMONY“!

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  • Really? You’ve never heard the term “palimony” before? It’s actually not just a cutesy little phrase made up by celeb rags or bloggers.

    Palimony: A court-ordered allowance paid by one member of a couple formerly living together out of wedlock to the other.

    Simon probably is a decent ex-boyfriend, but he’s smart, too. Pay them to keep their traps shut…and have it in writing.

  • ‘Palimony’ first used against Clint Eastwood years ago when he and Sondra Locke split. Pays to learn and know some Hollywood history.

    • Nice try. “The neologism was coined by celebrity divorce attorney Marvin Mitchelson in 1977 when his client Michelle Triola Marvin filed an unsuccessful suit against the actor Lee Marvin.”

      My issue is with the word itself, which Wikipedia (hurr) denotes as slang. How am I supposed to take fake, not-intimidating legalese seriously when we’re just arbitrarily smooshing words together to make them sound even dumber?

      “If you don’t return my dog, I’ll file a pawsuit!” Ha, ha.

  • in marianne faithfull’s biography, she delineates the difference between going out with mick jagger – she got nuthin’ – and going out with keith richards. anita pallenberg takes care of redlands these days.

    i don’t know anything about simon cowell but somewhere deep down beneath all that botox, he’s good people.