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Rihanna’s New Single: Do You Love It or Do You Love It?!

Or do you hate it? Hating it is also a really valid option.

Either way, “We Found Love” is Rihanna‘s first single off her new album, and, well, it’s a doozy. It’s doing really well on iTunes so far though, even though it sounds nothing like her old stuff and exactly like something you’d hear while being forced to listen to your friend’s extensive collection of shitty techno*.


*Other people have That Friend, right? The one who links you to a zillion different YouTube videos and makes you go through her entire music collection while being like “listen to this one, isn’t that a great beat? How great is this one?  Oh, it’s this one!” while you’re like “how did I just listen to the exact same song for three hours?” Anybody?

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  • Well let’s see:

    01) Massive use of auto-tune to the point that her note changes are obviously ramp-stepped. Check.

    02) Buckets of fake reverb pumped in so she sounds like she’s singing in a bathroom. Check.

    03) Crappy, cliched club beat used in EVERY club mix ever invented. Check.

    04) Repetitive lyrics probably sung once and then repeated electronically throughout the song? Check once more.

    Yeah, this sucks. I like Rihanna (except for her lack of self-respect), but this sucks.

    You know what would make this rock? (I might do it too.) Re-set it to “I like to move it, move it” from Madagascar. Sadly, this is a much better dance song. (Especially after a half-bottle of vodka. This I can verify.)