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Love It or Leave It: Khloe Kardashian’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Jumpsuit

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Is that what you’d call a jumpsuit? I don’t know. My idea of “fashion” is comfy yoga pants, jeans, long-sleeved shirts, cardigans, and bare feet. Oh, and Birkenstocks. I guess that’s the height of my fashion know-how right there, guys.

However, even I know that there’s just something not all that good about Khloe’s jumpsuit. I’ve been giving her fair chances here and there, because I really, really want to like her – I think there’s something inherently appealing about the girl, after all; I’m just not sure what it is yet – but this horrendous wardrobe choice has driven her fashion sense back about four years or so. You know, back when that low-cut jumpsuit might actually have fit her younger sister, Kendall. Even she’s outgrown it since then.

On a positive note? Khloe‘s a lot prettier than I’ve really ever given her credit for.

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  • its all that make-up on her face that makes the jump suit look pretty dull. to conteract with her face, she would have to add a belt and some shiny jewelry. also, she kinda is starting to look like chyna

  • Did this ugly ass jump suit come from the bargain bin rack of sears !!!!! Seriously !!! I mean seriously!!!! Who the HELL is this chick ??? What or why is she famous ??? I don’t get it !!!

      • What a WASTE this family Is. The BIGGEST ATTENTION WHORES too EVER hit a TV SCREEN or MAG COVER. I guess that’s what you get for getting PISSED on, wouldn’t you say solange? Oh NM I think I know your answer.

  • this family Is just getting SOOOOOOOOOOOO FCKN OLDDDDD. It’s a good thing Bruce IS taking care of the younger girls. Damn I hope they don’t grow up like the other 2 and 1/2…

  • you people need to get a life! the jumpsuit looks fine! she is successfull, wealthy,seems happy with marriage. envy, jealousy hope it eats u alive!!!!!!!!

    • It’s not jealousy at all. It’s their “in your face” attitude that’s annoying. Their incessant need to flaunt their bodies, clothing, fame, money into limelight all the time that is annoying. The truly rich and tasteful are out living their lives in good taste and not pushing it in other peoples’ faces. There are people like the Gates family, Mellons, Kennedys, Trump’s kids, etc. who are not always flaunting their wealth like this. It’s making a mockery of those are starving and in dire need and struggling just to eat every day. How about the K’s show less of themselves half-naked and shopping and do more work for these in dire need? I thought they were Christians?

      • Khloe is the only one with a brain and a heart in that family. The family are good businessmen and women. There are millions of families like that and they are not on tv. I always wondered why they think we care about their flashing their bodies. Why do they do it? This sure validates my thought that that money cannot buy class. They are a bunch of materialistic people. And their egos could rival the Goodyear blimp.
        Khloe treats her husband well and they seem great together. She seems to be the only one that is mentally stable. I pray she can get pregnant because she would be a great mom. Kim is seen in pictures with Mason but doesn’t seem maternal to me. Mason is her new accessory it seems. Khloe is great with Mason.
        Oh yeah….she looks ok in that jumpsuit. Not terrible!

  • You guys are so jealous. she looks fab and they can use their money any way they please. they’re businesswomen and if you guys had the same sweet setup they do, you’d do anythign to stay in the spotlight.

    • fuck off all u haters this chic looks totally gorgeous, adorable, pretty and someone says and i quote, “all haters will bow at my feet”, that is exactly what is happening now.JEALOUS BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • don’t care what everyone else says: she is just beautiful..looks so much prettier than her other siblings. they don’t hold a candle to her

  • Kim Kardashian is only famous because she sold her own sex tape under the guise of pretending it was leaked which originally included a golden shower scene that Vivid removed per the bill of sale, but It’s now up for sale. And it landed her a husband! A fake one at that. Also his family can’t STAND HER and HER FAMILY. But yea their LOL all the way to the Bank, but when Is It enough? With out that tape, we wouldn’t even know who they are…

    • ok, @ACE11 well your the 100th person to mention that golden shower business & I’ve been wondering if it was really true and it seems so!…I had a hard time believing she that kind of a freak….and how disgustingly gross!! yet this is the same girl who is so over the top uptight prissy about cleanliness to the point that she couldn’t even handle it when her husband Kris H. sat on her precious comforter & really freak out when the little dogs jumped on it, but yet she’s ok with a man peeing on her!!??? wth?!!what a nut job!!! all I can say is wow!! I think she brought so much baggage and paranoia with her into the relationship with Kris Humphries he didn’t have chance, like she was expecting betrayal and he did nothing to her, except keep it real, he simply didn’t treat her like a goo goo eyed fan but an equal, she’ll end up with another con man cause she can ‘t handle someone down to earth and real, Kris H. wasn’t the enemy but she turned him into one in her twisted mind …he did nothing to her and she had absolutely no grounds for a divorce.

      • Well said! Right on about everything! Kris was the best thing that ever happened to Kim, she just didn’t know it and couldn’t see it, but someday she will realize that and be very, very sorry..

  • This is off of their new Kardashian Kollection at Se*rs. I would have saved this outfit for Kourtney’s body type, but some of the stuff is cute. They are walking billboards for their new line and hey at least if you like it, it’s attainable.

  • I don’t understand the fascination with the Kardashians. All 3 of them are a bunch of whores who sleep around and make sex tapes and divorce husbands with in a few days and expect to keep the engagement rings. They can’t act, sing or dance, so why is everyone so fascinated with them? I can’t stand them and wish they would go way like Sarah Palin finally did.

    • The word fascination literally means a “Spell”, so maybe that’s what it is afterall..a spell they have on the whole nation..who knows, but that’s what it seems like..

  • First off a golden shower is not having a man pee on you, obviously your sex life is non existent, or pretty sad, to say the least!. Second, it is what it is. If you don’t like these people you don’t need to read the stories and don’t watch the show or shows and quit saying such horrible things of others. You come across as such jealous, mean people. I wonder what you people all look like? Perfect? I’d bet not. Words hurt no matter what…wonder what others say about your big ass or big mouth

    • well let me break it down for ya KK. You will see in () what the Golden Shower means. Also I can’t say for 100% she’s Into urophagia, the meaning of that is below as you will see.
      (golden shower and watersports is a paraphilia in which sexual excitement is associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination. Those who enjoy urolagnia may enjoy urinating on another person or persons, or being urinated upon. Some participants may drink the urine; this practice is known as urophagia, though uraphagia refers to the consumption of urine regardless of whether the context is sexual. Urolagnia enthusiasts may participate in urolagnia as part of a domination and submission scene, though not all sexual activity involving urine is so. These activities are often described with the slang terms golden showers, water sports, or piss play.)

      So obviously your sex life is non existent, or pretty sad, to say the least. Nice try but NO CIGAR, SRY :(

    • I don’t watch TYVM, but I will voice my opinion when I want. These people are BRINGING It all on themselves. They are making people and I’m NOT going too use the word (HATE) that Is a VERY BAD WORD IMO DISLIKE them for the antics and the ME ME ME ME attitude MOST of them have, ESP Kim and the Mom. Just all of their BS Is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OVER, the 15 mins Is about 39,251hrs over. Do they NOT get what their doing too themselves. Lamar had a great career, won 6th man of yr too being shipped out of town from LA, then Dallas wanted NO part of him, and WHY all because of their CIRCUS ACT. And yes people and Companies are starting too pull AWAY from them, and It’s going to get WORSE and WORSE and WORSE. They have NO ONE too BLAME but THEMSELVES!!!!

  • Don’t ya just luv it when their employees, aka PR ppl & image managers & or momager come on these blogs to attack the opinions of others… like we’re not allowed to speak our minds! you jerks are so transparent its almost laughable.
    #1 I’m not on her payroll & we the public can say whatever the hell we want!!.. & btw, a lot of ppl are sick & tired of this reality show trash! #2 if your going to be foolish enough to air your dirty laundry on National effing TV!! & I do mean “dirty” than how dare you expect ppl to not have a opinion when you’ve displayed despicable behavior.!…maybe in LA you have to kiss fame whore’s butt all day but I don’t live anywhere near that cest pool of a city..I live in Northern California, the best part of the state…& we hate it when LA ppl come up here, you can always tell who they are & I’ll leave it at that…

  • Yall Complain So Much, I Dn’t See Nuthin Wrong w Her Jump Suit & I Knw It Cost More Than Wat U Miserably Wearin Lmfbao??!! It’s More Important Thangs Talk Abt Than Here Luvly Jump Suit, Sad!! Blessings!!


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