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Miley Cyrus Caught Taking LGH

photo of miley cyrus hot long legs prestige magazine pictures photos pics

If you’re not in the know about what LGH is, it’s “leg growth hormone,” and NO, that’s not an actual thing, lawyers who’ll be knocking at my door any second trying to sue me for Miley defamation again.

Miley-girl here was photographed for the September issue of Prestige magazine (and yes I suck, because no I’ve never heard of this magazine either) and her legs are seriously miles long. MILES LONG. I’ve always admired those with long legs (yes, even those who have busty chipmunk faces) because I? Am short. I’m not, you know, eeny-weenie munchkin short, but I can bet by the time I’m rocking my late nineties (which I am fully prepared to do), I’ll be about 4’5″, no kidding, brother.

What do you guys think of Miley‘s newest cleaned-up and classy-looking pics? They sure beat the hell out of those cheesy, teenaged green bra photos, huh? Also – stars must clearly be in this season, I don’t know.

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