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Well Hello, Frances Bean Cobain.

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If this girl gets any more gorgeous, I just don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. I wasn’t a Nirvana fan growing up, and the mere thought of Courtney Love makes me want to throw up in my mouth COMPLETELY, so to begin deeply admiring the offspring of the grossest woman in Hollywood and the man that she probably murdered sort of freaks me out a little bit.

These photos are the most recent that’ve emerged of Frances doing some kind of modeling shoot. And once again, I’m totally taken aback at how striking this young girl is, and I think – as long as she doesn’t follow the road of her, um, mother – she’ll retain this mysterious, alluring image for quite some time. I’m curious to see what this chick’s going to end up doing with her life, aren’t you?

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  • She was a bit of a chublet a year or two ago, but has clearly lost weight and it suits her very well. It was inevitable that attention would be given her. Given that I’d vote her least likely to succeed( not because of her talented parents but because of her crazy parents), I really wish her very very well. I am definitely rooting for her and I can tell you are too…

    I remember when she was born so it’s kinda like she’s everyone’s kid, so I really do care that she does well and doesn’t get into too much trouble… If she keeps her shit together she could really be dynamite and bring both herself and others some happiness we need so badly.
    And, remember, ROCK ON!

  • she is amazingly beautiful (those eyes! totally her father’s) but it looks like she already got her lips done and her tattoos are horrible.
    just hope she’ll stay sane and uses all her opportunites wisely.
    good luck, bean!

  • This Site is getting lazy. Most of the stories on here are things that you’ve already linked to from other sites.

      • *3 of these photos are brand-new
        Jenn covered this August 10. Photos have been removed admittedly. But they arent new

      • Look at the Courtney Sodden twitter post-taken from another site. These photos-already used. The Jersey Shore thing? Already used.

      • @ J – Yeah, we had to pull the 10th’s photos down due to a copyright issue. Unfortunately, they’d only been up about sixteen hours before they came down, but we’ve got free use to them now, woo! They’re great pics, aren’t they?

  • you must be new to the internets, —. ALL of these sites peddle the same news, generally the top storys. what, do you want these guys to start making shit up? lol

  • She’s beautiful… But yes, it does look like she had work done on her mouth, but it’s a nice job actually… it doesn’t look fake…

    She draws, paints and does graphic novels, I’ve heard… Kurt Cobain was an amazing artist too… (painting and drawing…)

    And I don’t think Courtney Love had anything to do with Cobain’s death… She may be a lot of things but she’s not evil…

  • She is beautiful. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get unnecessary plastic surgery and ruin her face like her Mother. Gah, especially the nose. Please people just accept your nose.

  • She’s beautiful! But c’mon now guys, despite Courtney’s bad face jobs and poor make up and warderobe choices, I think BOTH this girl’s parents were quite gifted genetically, so…

  • the man she probably murdered? really? even though she was a thousand miles away with their daughter? honestly…

  • Sarah or whatever bitch you are, you should just shut the fuck up. You don’t know shit about shit and your accusations of Courtney killing Kurt just makes you look dumb. Have you been there when he died? do you have any prove? are you a God or something so you just know?
    AND most importantly, you have no fucking right to talk shit about anyone’s mom. Mind your own fucking parents.
    Wow, you’re just one fucked up lady.. just sayin’