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Kat Von D’s ‘LA Ink’ Canceled


A photo of Kat Von D on May 12 

Step out of the limelight, Kate Plus 8: reality show LA Ink has also been canceled, TLC announced today.

But Kat Von D tells a different story:

Pictured: a tweet from Kat Von D's Twitter account, August 18

Soon after the above tweet, she issued a statement to People in explanation of her decision to quit the show. “In an effort to capitalize on my recent breakup, the network has decided to focus their energy on re-editing events that didn’t happen while filming,” she said, adding that “any attempt to compromise the honesty” of her reality show “would be an insult” to her viewers.

And while I don’t necessarily look to reality television for, you know, integrity-in-storytelling, I almost want to cut Von D some slack. I mean, this kid thinks Jesse James was the love of her life (in the meantime, the love of Jesse James’ life is Jesse James), so she doesn’t want some hack retconning her grand fairytale romance. Sigh.

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  • about time, she reminded me and still does of those girls in highschool, that portray themselves as some rock hard chick. but, still frets about the littlest of things and gets easily overwhelmed by “tough decisions”. if you did a make over on her she would totally fit in in the coffee circle croud. just total one demensional ” oh wow how are you?” type of banter crap