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Twilight Star Kiowa Gordon Arrested for DUI

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Oh snap, here’s some serious (?) Twilight drama for you to chew on: the kid who plays “Embry” in the films was arrested in Mesa, Arizona last night for DUI – and that’s not all: the twenty-one year-old actor also had an old warrant out for a failed court appearance. Why did he have to appear in court, you ask? Um, drug paraphernalia possession and supplying alcohol to minors. Super, huh?

Guess quasi-fame and fan adoration doesn’t exempt you from being an asshole, huh?

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  • I love the way you play jokes and pranks it is awsome I watch all of your videos on YouTube and I like them all I support all the cast of the wolf pack which helps me I am part Blackfoot Indian. And I have a tribe some where in Arkansas and I go down almost every summer to go see my tribe down there .

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