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Demi Lovato for Elle: Photoshop Hell or Evolving Mug?

photo of demi lovato for elle magazine photoshop pics

I don’t know about you guys, but I think Demi Lovato looks, like, completely different. It isn’t because she put some much-needed weight on in the face, and it isn’t her makeup – I really think something this drastic can only be attributed to a blitzkrieg attack of Photoshop.

I know magazine photo editors want to ensure perfection when they run their issue, and i can understand having to adjust the exposure or the saturation of the photo, but completely changing someone’s face? I don’t get it. May well just put someone else entirely in the photo shoot for all it’s worth.


From the interview, Demi Lovato on her problems with tourmate Alex Welch:

“I was completely out of line all summer. Just the worst attitude—totally ungrateful… I just felt like she’d betrayed me. That’s the bottom line. When you punch someone on a plane, enough is enough. Right after, I texted my mom and just said, ‘I’m sorry.’?”

On her breakup with Joe Jonas:

“I wouldn’t credit my meltdown to a guy. There was so much other stuff in my life.”

On being bullied as a child:

“Those girls never gave me an explanation for why they were bullying me. One of the words they called me was fat. At that age, you think, Oh, so I don’t have friends because I’m fat.”

On being pictured with cutting marks:

“I don’t think I would have been ready to talk about [my problems] then, but I could’ve come up with something better than gummy bracelets. Needless to say, that publicist is no longer with us… (pause). I mean, she’s alive.”

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