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Demi Lovato May or May Not Have Outed Joe Jonas on a Small Penis

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Is “penis” an OK word for you guys in the headlines? I mean, I wouldn’t want to get any of you in trouble at work or anything if your boss happened to walk by and it appeared – APPEARED – that you might be investigating the specifics of a Jonas brother‘s wang. I remember how it used to be before I started working from home: the hot, sweaty panic that’d ensue if someone happened by and you just couldn’t close the browser in time. Ugh, hate that. Now that I work from home, however, I only have to worry about my husband walking by and wondering why I’m Googling “Disney star penis sizes.” Generally, though, I have no explanation for it, but whatevs.

Anyway, our friends over at The Dirty have an exclusive insider that supposedly got a lot of information from Demi Lovato about her still-kinda-private breakdown, and no Disney stars were left unscathed.

On the Joe Jonas relationship:

She openly admitted to members and patients in rehab, that she has had sexual intercourse with Joe Jonas and it started since the beginning of Camp Rock. That they would frequently do it and that the Jonas Brothers Purity ring was complete crap. None of the brothers followed that rule and was a “publicity gain” to make fans and more endorsements come in that was enforced by their father who was Demi’s manager. Joe and Demi dated earlier in the beginning of the Camp Rock Rise of Fame but she revealed that he was a “player who was in it for sexual gain” and his penis was “small.”

On punching a member of her staff:

Demi told staff that she had been frequent (sic) partying and had an experience with drugs and that Alex Welch threatened to tell her family, manager and people from Disney; but Demi responded that it was “none of her business” and than physically attacked her which she realized was her breaking point and that she needed help.

On drug use and sharing with her peers:

She was a frequent marijuana user and would “smoke weed with Miley Cyrus”. She also tried Cocaine and Heroin at a party but decided she hated it.

Do I believe it? Mm. Parts, yes. The part about Miley Cyrus being a pothead, definitely. You could see that a mile away. The mole also got their attack details right, but Joe Jonas with a small penis? Let’s be realistic. We all know that it’s KEVIN who’s the eenie weenie short short man out of all the Jonaii.

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  • I do not believe that Demi has used drugs or partied too much. There is no real proof for that. Those ‘sources’ sounds very unreliable and fake.

    Miley pothead? Perhaps.

    @Sarah Which part do you believe then?

  • She would have to have been very bitter to say that about his peen, but it all has the ring of truth…

    Purity rings? That is offensive bullshit… A creepy, cynical, disingenuous ploy…

    Unless every time Joe got dumped, it was because he wouldn’t put out…

  • Mary Jane is legal in california. So Miley has a license, and isn’t doing anything wrong. Can you imagine the stress and pressure of hollywood? Kid probably needs it. It’s not damaging like alcohol, also not addictive, ect. These kids in don’t seem to know how to keep there private lifes, PRIVATE. Pretty sure Miley and her wont be/or aren’t talking any more. Name dropping is a no no. I guess she doesn’t understand that. Private, public… keep them seprate. The public has no busness knowing what happens in private(and wont know unless you blab, or HAVE SOMEONE RECORD YOU). I guess she doesn’t understand she is in control of her image. Demi is going to have to learn some lessons the hard way. She is looking more & MORE like the new lindsay lohan by the day. Her and lindsay have a lot in common. To quote good ol’ Lohan “sometimes I say too much…”. dooooooown waaaaaaaard spiiiiiiirrrraaaaaaaal.

  • @Another You should know that this is a unreliabe source we are talking about. Demi has not use drugs. That was already busted by really reliable sources.

    The other sources who claimed that Demi used drugs are very unreliable. Why? They contradiced themselves and that video looked very staged and fake. Do you really think that drugs users film themselves while using. Do not think so. It could be used by the cops as evidence against them.

  • I’m curious as to whether this “mole” is a staff member or patient. If it was a staff member they do have confidentiality agreements. I doubt she disclosed this much information in a group therapy session.

    The part about the Jonas brothers purity rings sounds about right though.

  • For Sure I believe everything I read on this site and for sure when it comes from an unnamed source – for sure the purity ring stuff is true becasue since we are all losers he must be too right – this all makes me feel so much better about my pathetic life.

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