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Matt Damon Is Not Afraid to Tell It Like It Is

I’ve never been one of Those People who think that Matt Damon is the most amazing/adorable/beautiful person. Like, I’ve never even seen Good Will Hunting, that’s how indifferent I am. Or I suppose, how indifferent I was. I mean, I haven’t seen that film in the two seconds since I typed that last statement, but this past year, I’ve been developing a solid appreciation for Matt and all he does, and all this little interview of him at the Save Our Schools March does is make me appreciate him so much more.

Go tell it on the mountain, brother.

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  • That was wonderful :) My dad is a teacher and he does it because its what he loves to do! I thought Matt’s last comment to the camera man was awesome, as well. lololololol

  • conversely it made me think less of him. Reality is not born (pun intended) by his comments. I would give more pay and better security to teachers who impact their kids lives in a horrible way but there is a plethora of documented cases in which teachers who abuse children, who behave inappropriately and are just bad people cannot be fired short of having sex with a student during school hours ON school property. There is a problem with schools that get millions more than they did in the 70’s and 80’s yet produce more drop outs and more under educated students daily. (see Killer Mike’s Burn video for the street view on this). Either you acknowledge there is a problem and work towards fixing it or you pull a Matt Damon ostrich style stick your head in the ground and pay no attention to the runaway train wreck on its way to your door.

  • sorry I meant to say I would pay teachers better for impacting their kids lives in a positive way as opposed to a negative one.

    • Matt Damon is right, teaching is a hard job and you have to love it and have a passion to teach. It’s more then just a paycheck!

  • I love Matt Damon for the person he appears to be. He gives much of his time and money to help people in need. The fact that he is gorgeous, talented and rich doesn’t hurt.